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Mastering Negotiation Jiujitsu - 4 Ways to Close Your Wage Gap, Up-Level Your Career and Strengthen Relationships

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Presenter: Jamie Lee

Let's face it - the gender wage gap is real. It hasn't budged in over a decade and at its current rate, won't close until the year 2159.

So is gender blowback. To boldly ask for what you want is to walk a razor-thin edge because you risk your relationship with key decision makers.

In other words, you are "damned if you ask and damned if you don't."

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

There are concrete steps you can take to prevent gender blowback. You can learn and master negotiation jiujitsu so you can close your wage gap, up-level your career and strengthen relationships.

In this exclusive WITI webinar, Negotiation expert and She Negotiates consultant Jamie Lee will explore four concrete ways that ambitious women in technology can prevent gender blowback and confidently ask for what they want. You will learn:

- The core frameworks for collaborative negotiation
- How to retain and strengthen key relationships while making a compelling case for what you want
- How to use leverage to your best advantage without coming across as aggressive or greedy
- The negotiation mindset that results in win-win outcomes

Jamie Lee is a She Negotiates consultant, an award-winning Toastmasters speaker and pragmatic negotiation geek dedicated to helping women get bolder, braver and better paid. Through consulting, training and speaking, she helps women catapult their careers to the next level with a gutsy ask. She has helped her clients secure an additional $20K in a salary offer and start new businesses while strengthening key relationships. She has led hands-on workshops for Athena Center for Leadership at Barnard College, Smith College Leadership Conference, Baystate Health Women's Empowerment Summit, Essence Digital, and more.