Using Data to Make Better Business Decisions for Employee Retention

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Presenters: Lamar Shahbazian, Senior Director, Product Management, Analytic Tool, FICO and Michelle Brodale, Director of Software Engineering, FICO

In this webinar, we will dig into an HR Employee Attrition and Performance sample data set to explain the advantages of developing a decision management solution with a web service endpoint and informing that solution through the use of analytics software. Join us to discover how you can use analytics to:

> Gain insight to take action
> Utilize decision assets such as rules and decision trees to prioritize action
> Implement and continually update assets to optimize the solution

FICO's Decision Management Suite (DM Suite) enables businesses to leverage their data to make better decisions through the use of advanced analytics, optimization, rules and decision management. You probably know FICO for the FICO Credit Score, but did you know that FICO technology is used by 95 of the top 100 financial institutions and over 400 retailers? FICO leveraged analytics to create a credit score over 60 years ago, and continues to make strides in advanced analytics.

FICO's DM Suite operates in the background of countless industries, from flight and crew scheduling for Southwest to improving energy yield for WindFarmDesigns to operationalizing analytics through the entire Hewlett Packard Enterprise. How does this technology work to dictate so many important decisions in such diverse industries? Attend this webinar for a detailed walkthrough of the development and implementation of an HR Attrition solution.

Lamar Shahbazian, Senior Director, Product Management, Analytic Tool, FICO

Lamar is an integral part of the team leading the development of FICO's Analytics Workbench. She specializes in decision solutions and the integration of analytics with FICO's decision platforms. She first joined FICO in 1986, working in model development and account management strategy consulting roles. She spent nearly 10 years at InfoCentricity, managing the development of their decision tree solution and collaborating with customers and prospects using analytic tools. Lamar has a BS and MS degree in Applied Mathematics from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.

Michelle Brodale, Director of Software Engineering, FICO

Michelle is a framework, tools, and application engineer. She has acted as a Development Lead and People Manager for CRM applications and BRMS tools. In her 6 years with FICO, Michelle has led the Decision Modeler development team bringing the first generation of Blaze Advisor Decision Services to the FICO Cloud. Her team is also responsible for build and test automation. She has a BA in Applied Mathematics, with graduate coursework in Chemistry, and Physics from the University of California, Berkeley, and holds a US Patent for Database Integrity in an E-commerce environment.

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