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GENDER SYNERGY: How women can work with men to transform the quality of their work-life and magnify their impact and opportunities

Presenter: Will Marré

Do you feel that you have been overlooked for a promotion or an exciting opportunity because you are a woman? Over 70% of women who work in STEM organizations say yes to that question. If no one listens to you, is there a reason to keep speaking up? If your talent is not being recognized does it make sense to exhaust yourself achieving other people's goals without being rewarded? The logical reaction to bias is to quit trying so hard to succeed in a culture, which makes success virtually impossible.

WITI's Survey research of global STEM companies reveals that most work cultures are systematically bias in ways that disempower women and others that don't fit the "in group" culture. Bias is today's hot business problem because it disempowers vital talent necessary to succeed. But traditional strategies of fighting for female equality are failing. What is succeeding is creating cultures that empower both women and men with new ways of working. You must become the change agent of a culture transformation in which men and women both thrive because respecting cognitive diversity is the highest value. You must become self-empowered because that will empower others.

In this webinar, you will learn the essentials of gender synergy that will increase your influence and impact immediately.

Key takeaways:

- How to get men to promote gender equality and promote more opportunity for women.
- The business case for gender synergy and cognitive diversity.
- 3 simple behaviors male leaders can adopt to engage and motivate female professionals.
- 3 essential habits women must adopt to be given more opportunities and more respect.
- Why bias training doesn't reduce bias and what does.
- 5 policies that you should ask your company for because it will enable your company to recruit and retain the world's smartest women.

Will Marré is the co-founder and former president of the Covey Leadership Center which brought The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to millions worldwide. Today his focus is on developing Smart Power women leaders through his Smart Power Academy (SPA). The Academy's researched based programs focus on leadership, career development and cultural transformation. Women learn to use the thinking tools, behavioral skills and leadership practices necessary to be effective in authoritarian organizations struggling to transform to the new, disruptive economy.

Smart Power is based on gender synergy - how men and women can use gender-based strengths to lead and work together to multiply positive results. These programs are now being taught worldwide in companies who don't want to be worth behind. You can find out more at:

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