Leveraging Innovation for Your Success

Presenter: Angie Keller

According to results of a recently completed Randstad study of employers and employees across 10 industries, employees in large part believe that digital transformation and innovation are crucial to the future survival of their employers. For workers, having the skills necessary to help their employers drive digital transformation and innovation is crucial to their careers.

Many employees will leave their current job for a new employer if that new employer is more aggressive about embracing digital transition and is thought to be more innovative. Employees understand that their employer's long-term survival and their own career advancement are dependent on the organization's ability to innovate and their own ability to acquire skills that support innovation.

So, knowing your employer knows this is important to you, what can you do to foster it?

In this webinar, Angie Keller, senior vice president of Randstad Engineering, will:

- Share ideas for expanding your skills
- Explain what strategies employers are using to foster innovation
- Discuss how strategies, such as agile workforce models, can benefit you!

Angie Keller is the Senior Vice President at Randstad Engineering, which specializes in the sourcing and placement of temporary and direct hire professionals in engineering, energy, utilities, petrochemical, manufacturing, information technology and other technologies industries. Angie's role leads sales and tenured recruiting teams within Randstad Engineering. Randstad US secures and manages a workforce of more than 100,000 people for thousands of clients each week..