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How to Live your Best Retirement Life

Presenter: Dianne M. Kipp, BSN, PCC, CTT, ROC

Discover 15 Key Non-Financial Factors for Living and Loving Retirement

Retirement poses a brand-new chapter in our lives, which may last longer than the years we were gainfully employed. Being prepared to live our retirement years to the best of our ability requires us to assess and plan how we will spend our time in those years. While many of us have planned the financial aspects, few of us have taken time to assess what our "best retirement life" might look like. All of us know people who have succumbed to illness, depression, and a sense of being lost after retirement. In this insightful webinar, Dianne Kipp, a certified Retirement Life Options coach, will review the pitfalls and opportunities of retirement life facing us now. She will introduce you to tools available to prevent "retirement discontentment" from happening to you.

15 Factors that Predict Retirement Satisfaction

Dr. Richard Johnson identified 15 measure-able factors to predict the "satisfaction experience" of retirement.

One such factor, lies in how we "replace" the "function and purpose" our career provides. Assessing "how" to replace "work function" now, prepares us for later.

- Financial Compensation
- Time Management
- Sense of Purpose
- Status
- Socialization

How do we prepare to "thrive" rather than "just survive" retirement years?

Dianne will cover tips on healthy living, vitality, and finding true purpose and meaning after work-life.

A Few Facts about the New Retirement:

- 12,000 retire daily in the U.S.
- Living longer - Retirement life extended - 20 - 30 years
- Retire earlier - Average age 57
- Not one retirement "model" - different for everyone
- Health awareness - self-care, care of others - "sandwich generation"
- Renewal & Expansion- Retirement is NOT an ending but a beginning
- Leisure - takes on a new meaning & new approach

Dianne M. Kipp, BSN, PCC, CTT, ROC
Dianne has been providing executive, career, and personal transformation coaching in Tampa Bay and worldwide for the past 14 years. She is considered an expert in her field, expanding her services now to include the new arena of Retirement Life coaching. Certified as a Retirement Life Options coach, she offers coaching to adults and seniors for planning their "Best Retirement Life, focused on the often-overlooked non-financial aspects of retirement.Dianne calls upon a 25-year career in nursing, medical research, and IT prior to her work as an executive coach and culture consultant. She directed complex teams across diverse cultures within the US, France, and Puerto Rico during her tenure in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. She has several groundbreaking implementations for technology and medical research to her credit and has served as Director of Public Advocacy for the American Heart Association, Director of Strategic Partnerships for a pharmaceutical executive search firm and as a Senior Organizational Effectiveness Consultant and executive coach for Franklin Templeton Investments, globally.