How to Get Invited into The Boy's Club (and why that's important)

Presenter: Elizabeth Lions

In this webinar, Elizabeth Lions will boldly address why women are not received favorably or promoted in male dominated industries, and she will give practical suggestions you can implement now. She will cover how communication, confidence and managing perceptions is key in working your way to the top of the ladder. She will also address how to work with another woman who you don't like in the office and why this is critical to your career.

Elizabeth believes in: identifying other women for promotions and promoting women into key leadership positions. This webinar will leave you feeling reflective as well as inspired. You will learn:

- What to say and what not to say in meetings and email

- Office perception - and how to manage it

- How confidence is developed in female leaders

- Data around why women aren't taken seriously at work - and how to turn it around

- Collaborative and inclusive ways to work in male dominated fields

Elizabeth Lions is a three-time author with expertise in career counseling and leadership development. Her latest read, “Hear Us Roar - Unapologetic Women Leading In Corporate America” made a splash in 2016. Elizabeth's coaching specifically addresses women's confusion around office politics, negotiations and even how to deal with being passed over for a promotion. For many women, work is a maze without much direction and for the driven career minded women, the office can be a source of confusion and pain. Elizabeth's talks guide a female leader to master her thoughts and perceptions, so she can navigate her career with confidence and grace.

Elizabeth's message in her new book is twofold. First, she encourages all women to take full responsibility for their careers and stop blaming men. Secondly, Elizabeth states clearly that all women - at any level - need to identify, coach and promote women into leadership roles. Her book is perfect for women working in male dominated environments such as IT, Banking and Financial or Construction.

An expert adviser on career conundrums, Elizabeth has been quoted in Yahoo, The Ladders, and Dice job boards. Her words have reached as far as the front page of the Philadelphia Tribune, PBS, CBS Money Watch, Dale Carnegie and John Tesh's blog. In 2014, she took her leadership courses to Jordan, Dubai and the Middle East. Additionally, she been a key note speaker at IEEE Women of Photons, Society of Women Engineers, Women of Long Island Tech, WNET, Women In Construction.

You'll find Elizabeth's philosophies and even a little inspiration at Lionsology.com