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Your Idea Worth Spreading: How to Build and Pitch Your TEDx Idea

Presenter: Marie Incontrera, CEO and Founder of Incontrera Consulting

"I'd love to give a TEDx talk! It's on my bucket list."

This is what many people say to me when I tell them that I'm a TEDx speaker, or that I coach and place TEDx speakers.

Over the last three decades, TED talks (and TEDx talks) have become a cultural phenomenon. Being a TED/TEDx speaker brings unparalleled brand awareness and credibility to your brand, business, and expertise. Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, and Mel Robbins were all ordinary people who stepped onto a red circle and became some of the world's most renowned thinkers.

Are you unsure of what your TED-style idea is? Or perhaps, are you unsure of what you need to successfully apply to an event? This webinar will bring you through my proven step-by-step process to find and hone your idea, and to develop your application materials so that you can dramatically increase your chances of success and get onto a TEDx stage. It's the same process that I use with my clients and I have a 100% success rate in getting them placed.

Marie Incontrera is the CEO and Founder of Incontrera Consulting, a thought leadership consulting agency; author; avant garde musician; and fitness enthusiast. She works with thought leaders on leveraging their online presence through social media, podcasts, and TEDx and other speaking opportunities.

Incontrera Consulting's social media clients have included national best-selling business authors, coaches, contributors to high-profile publications, medical professionals, wellness experts, podcast hosts, a popular science-based gaming app, political candidates, orchestras, and more. Her speaker clients have booked TEDx conferences across the country (she has a 100% success rate getting her clients placed!). Her media clients have been booked on popular podcasts and radio stations such as The World's Most Amazing People, Entrepreneur On Fire, The Coaching Habit, The Daily Helping, and more.

Marie is the author of the Amazon best-sellers, Social Your Book Launch and Spread Your Idea. She has spoken at TEDxSevilleSq and TEDxBeaconStreet and she has been the organizer of TEDxBayRidgeWomen.