Stepping out of Early Career Survival Strategies to Lead with Greater Power, Purpose and Impact

Presenter: LeeAnn Mallorie, CEO Guts & Grace Leadership

Now more than ever, women are stepping forward to lead. And, post the Me Too movement, there is an increasing demand for these women to feel safe, whole and empowered at work. Unfortunately, both companies and leaders themselves are still grappling with the leadership cliff: the tendency for women to get stuck in mid-level leadership roles, failing to advance to the executive level. What's more, women who do reach the executive level report less job satisfaction than their male counterparts on average.

Why is this challenge so hard to solve? It turns out that most company-wide trainings that aim to advance female leaders are still focusing on just two of three critical domains: ending unconscious bias and building workplace skills. The third area, leadership embodiment, remains poorly understood - and relatively untouched. Taking a page from the book of cognitive neuroscience and trauma healing research, the leadership embodiment approach acknowledges that a legacy of patriarchal programming still lives in the psyches of women in the workplace.

Having been forced to navigate environments that weren't consistently conducive to their safety, dignity or true belonging, many women have left parts of themselves behind, and developed unconscious physical, mental and emotional survival strategies, in order to get ahead in the workplace. This is especially true in traditionally male dominated industries like science, technology and finance. While it works in the short-run, this unconscious decision leads to deeply embedded, counterproductive behaviors that are hard to see and even harder to change. The result? Burnout, confusion, plateaus and frustration.

In this webinar, LeeAnn Mallorie brings over 15 years of experience coaching innovative female leaders at all levels across a wide array of industries, to explore the question: How can I recognize and step out of these strategies myself - and coach the women on my team to do the same?

LeeAnn Mallorie, CEO of Guts & Grace Leadership and sister firm Leading in Motion, helps leaders combat both meaning depletion and burnout by bridging the gap between hard-driving, business success and the deeper wisdom of the soul - using the doorway of the body. LeeAnn has spent over 15 years teaching transformational leadership and embodiment practice in a wide range of sectors, serving diverse organizations like Nasa, Capital One, Mattel, Logitech, Kiva, Berkeley Haas School of Business, the Naval Air Systems Command and the Edna McConnell Clarke Foundation. Her women's leadership handbook Guts & Grace: A Woman's Guide to Full-Bodied Leadership (Conscious Capitalism Press, 2020) offers a concrete, actionable doorway to greater power, ethics, influence, and impact at work. https://www.gutsandgrace.com/at-work