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How Marketers and Brands Can Utilize Tiktok for Business

Presenter: Maayan Gordon

I'm sure by now you've heard of TikTok and wondered if it has something more to it than just teenagers dancing and pop culture trends. I'm here to share a deep look into the real power behind TikTok as a marketing tool for individuals, brands, and businesses. I'll walk you through all the basics of how the app works and then we will dive into different marketing strategies and ways TikTok can be used to drive traffic, brand awareness, and yes, even sales.

Why should you care about TikTok?

In a crowded world of apps, new platforms, and technology, why should you pay attention to or care about TikTok? These are always important questions to ask ourselves. The answer lies within all of our desires to better understand the digital space and our place within it. Tiktok is a powerful AI driven feedback tool and video streaming application that can impact not only your brand's position within your industry, but also impact the way you think about communicating with your customers.

Understanding the future of social media

We will discuss how some of the changes that are happening and driven by TikTok will impact the social media marketplace. From social commerce to online communication, each of these aspects plays a major role in most businesses.

TikTok Strategy and Marketing

We will discuss some key points and strategies for integrating TikTok into your current social media efforts. I will answer any questions you have about TikTok and will do some real-time strategy and analysis.

Maayan Gordon: HOMELESS to Homeowner, Business Owner and more. My life has been an incredible journey from college dropout to accomplished entrepreneur. I am driven by my PASSIONS and my CURIOSITY! I am a TikTok Consultant, Branding Expert, Glass artist, Business owner, Writer, Speaker and Influencer.