Virtual Events

Ninja Level Networking in a Virtual World

Presenter: Jeanette DePatie

It's time to bust through the ceiling.

Whether it's the glass ceiling, the bamboo ceiling or any other barrier to the success you want, it's time to break through.

We've all been there. You see that guy with the fancy dental work, the $300 blue jeans and the oh so confident air get the deal, the gig or the position you've always wanted. And it makes you SO ANGRY. But what if you could learn the secret skills to be seen as the power broker, the winner and the number one candidate? You can with NINJA NETWORKING.

In this networking webinar, you'll learn to look, sound and act like a million - no make that a BILLION dollars. We'll talk about how to work the room (be it in person or virtual). You'll learn how to truly participate in virtual conferencing to build confidence and grow your network. And finally, you'll learn to speak up, speak out and build the life and career you've always wanted. 

For the past 20 years, Jeanette DePatie has worked in social justice work andcorporate consulting to help people of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, races, creeds, sexes, affinities and more do their best work and live the life of their dreams.

Jeanette has worked with a virtual who's who of the corporate Fortune 500 world. From major computing, web and consumer electronics corporations including Apple, Adobe, Google, Intel, NTT, Panasonic, Sony, Twitter and Ulead, to aerospace companies and organizations like Boeing and NASA, to major manufacturing companies including Solutia and Monsanto.