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Thinking Outside of the Degree: Nontraditional Tech Career Paths

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Most of us set forth into the business world with some semblance of a calculated career path. But somewhere along the way, we may have stumbled upon a new opportunity outside of our degree or experience and thought, "what if I try my hand in this?" Now more than ever, our careers have been rocked to their core. Due to COVID-19 and other global challenges, many are contemplating career changes and for good reason. 

During this webinar, meet several women who did just that. Whether it's an education, anthropology, or science degree, they have all made the decision to join a technology company and are excited to share their passion and thoughts around their very own nontraditional career paths. 


Sponsored by Pluralsight, consider joining this panel of four lively women as they detail their own journeys and perhaps, even inspire yours. If you're thinking of a career change, unsure about making a switch, or are curious about how you might transfer into a career outside of your designated role or experience, this panel is perfect for you.