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Femtech and Female Biohacking

Females are functional, complex, and amazing entities. Females make up more than 50% of the global population, own 1% of its wealth, and make 80% of household healthcare decisions. The health of women from cradle to maturity must rise to the highest levels to allow nations and the globe to continue to thrive. The most rewarding part is that, today the journey to better health management for females can start with some very clear steps that are completely in the hands of females.

For scientists, comprehending the extraordinarily vast neurological and biological systems of women is a lifelong quest. However, what has been learned so far in coordinating female hormones to EEG brain activity to emotional stimuli to postpartum uterus interrogations, is palpable and akin to science fiction.

This webinar on Femtech and Female Biohacking will look at these gains and what it means for women now and those of the future. In addition, you will learn practical ways and tools to start your personal biohacking today.

Okezue Bell is a young innovator and entrepreneur focused on emerging technologies in quantum computing, blockchain, and AI spaces. He is co-founder of Fidutam&Co, a novel secure pay card that solves key issues for commercial entities. As a member of The Knowledge Society human accelerator program, Okezue has been part of a team researching various technologies for the future of health, medicine, food, wellbeing and more. Okezue was part of the leadership team that launched MatchMakr, The Endo Company and Horizons. He has spoken on WDIY, Evoke and SwissCognitive AI conference. Okezue is an avid chess player and achieved chess-master ranking in 2020. An 8-year violinist, Okezue has played at Carnegie Hall and plays in multiple orchestras at the local and district levels. He is currently working as a Gen Z adviser in cellular agriculture and other sectors. He is an advocate for breaking limits and conventional rules. Okezue is published on TowardAI, The Startup, and Medium; he is also studying at Moravian Academy in Pennsylvania. You can learn more about Okezue at:

Ngozi Bell will introduce Okezue and speak briefly on the economics of Femtech and Female Biohacking.