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Prevent, Minimize and Resolve Conflicts via Effective Communication

We all have our own styles of communicating and these styles can dramatically impact the outcome of conversations. A key factor in communicating is to be heard. Introducing our ideas can take two directions.... to listen and be open and consider the idea or close down because of the words or tone used. This latter idea prevents the opportunity to resolve the potential conflict.

It is important to remember, it's not a conflict that's the problem but rather how it is handled. There are simple but very effective skills to prevent us from sabotaging our message and help with the presented conflict. Join us in this webinar, where Merle Rein will show us how to prevent, minimize and resolve conflicts via effective communication.

Merle Rein is a Communications Coach and works with organizations and individuals, helping them to communicate more effectively. She helps clients utilize improved communication skills, involving not only word choice but also tone, body language and listening skills. Her goal is to make it easier for one's view to be communicated and heard.

Merle's background includes the following:

George Washington Univ., B.A. in Speech and Sociology
The New School for Social Research, M.S. Urban Policy
Certificate in Conflict Resolution, Teacher's College, Columbia University
Certified as a Mediator and Conflict Coach, The New York Peace Institute

Workshops:Taconic Correctional Facility
ATTIS (Assoc. of Teachers in Independent Schools)
Com-Alert, class for formerly incarcerated men
The Center for Learning and Living