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The Importance of Completing Cycles of Action

Completing a cycle of action consists of a beginning, middle and end. A simple example of this is we leave our house, run an errand and return home.  This is a completed cycle of action. We will talk about and discover the different types of cycles and how important it is to be aware of when a cycle is incomplete and how it affects our well-being and how we can complete them.  You will learn the value of completing cycles of action whether it is in the form of a project and all the tasks associated with it to our relationships with others. Carol will discuss:

- What is a Cycle of Action
- What can impede or block completing a cycle of action
- How completing cycles of action affects our quality of life
- How to complete cycles of action

Carol Pilkington is a Non-Traditional Counselor who teaches entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and their employees how to live more integrated lives.  Stress, anxiety and conflict set in when we forget that we bring one entity into each and every area of existence, be it family, work or social. We live fragmented lives in that we try to be all things to all people based on what others want and expect. She teaches individuals how to bring their Whole Self to any given situation in order to meet the needs of the moment with clarity, authenticity, and creativity. Carol feels when we feel whole inside rather than feeling scattered, it impacts our outer world and all of those around us. We can be more present, joyful and creative and energetic no matter what we are met with.