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WITI Real Talks-Secrets of Female Pleasure: Engaging our Body, Mind & Soul

Our leading experts address common challenges with libido, arousal and orgasms. Provide you with tools to find paths to satisfying sex. Learn about surgical and non-surgical solutions to increase pleasure and reduce pain. And most importantly, find out what our partners need to know to keep us humming! We will be joined by OB/GYN and hormone balancing expert Dr. Gail Jackson and Love & Intimacy Coach Kamali Minter who will enlighten us about Tantra.

Moderator: Denise Pines, Founder, WisePause Wellness & Board of Directors, Federation of State Medical Board

Denise Pines, founder of WisePause a proaging wellness and education platform and co-author of FemAging 2020 HealthTech Report, creative inspiration behind Hot Flash Tea and she’s a 3 term the immediate past president of the Medical of California.

Kamali Minter, Love And Intimacy Coach, Space For Love - Kamili Minter is a certified Global Tantra expert who’s Kamali's passionate about helping people restore love, pleasure, and connection in their bodies and relationships.

Dr. Gail Jackson, OB/GYN MD, Dr. Gail Jackson is a leading specialist in holistic, bio-identical hormone balancing for women to help relieve the effects of menopause.