Women in Technology 2017 Summit Recap

WITI News Staff

July 05, 2017

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We Definitely Made Things Happen

Technology, Innovation, Leadership

"Thank you Michelle!!! My adrenaline is still running high from the evening and inspiring other women at #WITISummit17"

-- Lisa Seacat DeLuca @LisaSeacat, Women in Technology Hall of Fame Inductee 2017, Technology Strategist in the Cognitive Incubation Lab, IBM Watson Customer Engagement

"This session alone was worth coming to the conference. This was a wonderful session; it is rare to see someone captivate an audience for four hours." -- Melanie Crawford, Manager of Technology, Walt Disney Company. In reference to to Will Marré's Supercharge Your Career and Work Like a Genius workshop.

"Wonderful first time at WITI, such a lovely and powerhouse of women all in one place. I'm glad I found out about the event just in time. Looking forward to connecting and hearing more from everyone! Cheers."

--Roxy (Vuong) Stimpson, CTO

"The ONE conference we know is guaranteed to have a stellar women lineup in speakers. Thank You!" --Debbie Christofferson, Chapter President, Cloud Security Alliance Southwest Chapter



Recording: http://bit.ly/witisumfounder

DID YOU #AttendtheSummit?
Did you download the Summit App - Whova? Download and continue to utilize the app for the next 6 months for networking, contacting folks, sharing your Summit pictures and more.

Reminder: One of the great features is the ability to take the survey(s) for the sessions you attended, by selecting the Rate stars. This is a great way to provide us valuable feedback about the speakers, the content and the sessions you attended so we have a better understanding of what our attendees want to see.


Love what you saw this year? Then guarantee your spot at the next Summit, June 10-12, 2018 at the Double Tree Hotel, San Jose CA. We are now offering Summit alumni exclusive Early Bird pricing as low as $595 (until September 30th). Click here to pre-register and lock-in this special deal.

Special thanks for the support from our wonderful sponsors, without whom our great success would not be possible. We look forward to our continued partnership in the upcoming year with each of you.



A huge thanks to all the exhibitors and women owned startups that showcased their technologies, and especially to the women in those companies who provide a forum for Summit attendees to engage in dialog, discuss developing technology trends, and recognize business opportunities. We look forward to having you back in 2018.



Congratulations to the 8 women owned startups that were featured in this year's Women in Tech Startup Village. The village co-existed with the Art Café as 6 additional companies to join in to finish out the area. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mobile Art, even a Camp, something for everyone.


From left to right:

-Amanda Coolong, Women in Technology Summit Emcee, CCO WITI
-Krunali Patel, Vice President and General Manager of Analog Design
Services, Texas Instruments Incorporated
-Lisa Seacat DeLuca, Technology Strategist in the Cognitive Incubation
Lab, IBM Watson Customer Engagement
-Elizabeth Xu, PH.D.
-Selma Svendsen, Senior Director of Program Management, iRobot
-Beena Ammanath, Vice President of Innovation, GE Digital
-Laura Niklason, M.D., PH.D., Founder Humacyte
-Peggy Kilburn, Managing Director, Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Recording: http://bit.ly/witisum0612hof

Exceptional keynote speakers and panelists provided food for thought throughout the Summit. The focus this year around multi-generational workplace, Leadership, Change Agents, Gender Equality, Social Economy, Innovation and Patents, the stellar list goes on.

Amanda Coolong, Carolyn Leighton
Keynote - Get (Em)powered by WITI!

Session Recording:

Will Marré, Jane Zhu, Kelly Becker
Electric Breakthroughs in Leadership: Here's How I Got to the Top!

Session Recording:

Anita Gardyne, Cindy Owyoung, Mona Sabet, Cynthia Stoddard, Samantha Raja
Intergenerational Mentoring: Perspectives on Success

Session Recording:

Amanda Coolong, Kelly Dermody, Esq., Dale Vaughn
How To Be a Behavioral Change Agent in the Workplace

Session Recording:

A blue-ribbon roster of technology leaders and industry analysts took the stage in some 60 sessions, sharing insights, expertise, and insiders' perspectives. Topics ranged from AI/AR/VR, FinTech, IIoT to AgTech, from Why women need to lead to Speak like a Leader, battling cybercrime to women in tech helping women without tech, over 60 sessions and workshops.

Reema Ponder, Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, Aditi Banerjee, Ph.D., Hillary Barnhart
WITI WIN: Old Industries, Sexy Data: Machine Learning and Industrial IoT

Julie Desjardins, Deanna Shaw, Diane Ding, Roxy Stimpson, Sudha Jamthe
WITI WIN: IoT + Machine Learning Make Things Intelligent?

Candice Elliott, Rashmi Rao, Doreen Galli, Ph.D., Soody Tronson, Neveen Abel-Jalil
Are YOU a Budding Inventor? Ever Thought of Getting a Patent?

Continuing our tradition from last year of a special event for STEM we hosted the Code Circle Workshop for middle school and high school girls to learn App Design & Development. Code Circle workshop - Provided by Katie Mishra, Founder and CEO, Code Circle

Continuing on the tradition and expanding last year's successful Coaching Center, the 2017. Special kudos to Edith Johnston and Callum Johnston for their tireless efforts with the on-site management of the coaching circle space and keeping everything humming along


Over 500 women participated in the Career fair with 25+ companies. In addition to the resume and interview process, there were career-specific sessions to help applicants land their next job.


Thank you to the 65+ Summit Assistants, 9 Leads, - and over 800 hours to support this landmark Summit. Pre-event, we had folks actively promoting the Summit via social media - in addition to veritable onsite assistants working Registration, Info Booth, Room Management, Operations, and Social Media support.
Your contributions helped make the Summit a glowing success.

Three days, 1900 registered attendees, 127 speaker and coaches, 60+ sessions, 8 women-owned startups, 30+ Sponsors/ Exhibitors, 6 exceptional women inducted into the 2017 Women in Technology Hall of Fame, 3000+ tweets, 6258 Whova messages exchanged, 65+ summit assistants, 15 WITI Staff and of course our Founder Carolyn Leighton working over the last year on making this an outstanding experience.

This year surpassed last year's event which was deemed amazing in of itself.

Personal Message from WITI Founder, Carolyn Leighton

"Nothing makes me happier than when women come up to me at the WITI Summit and tell me how WITI helped them reach their goals. We are committed to creating great leaders and transforming corporate environments."

Opinions expressed by the author are not necessarily those of WITI.

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