Seven Essential Tips for a Woman Following a Dream Career in IoT

Mary Walton

March 19, 2018

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The Internet of Things, more commonly referred to as IoT, is one of the fastest and most rapidly expanding industries in the world. By 2020 (just two years away), the industry is set to have evolved to over 26 billion individual IoT units that translate to an economic value of $1.9 trillion.

With these figures in mind, it is easy to see why so many men and women and are looking for their way into this industry. However, it is the former that seems to be making the greatest progress. Currently, men take up the majority of industry leadership roles, but this is changing with the growth of the industry.

As more women enter the industry, the industry becomes more competitive and, therefore, more difficult to enter. So, what can you do?

To give you a head start, here are seven key tips you need to know about pursuing your career dream into the industry of IoT.

1. Be Flexible

As you know, the industry is new, and it is developing. This development means there are no specifics as to what recruiters are looking for, and there are no "standard" guidelines to work from.

You will need to be flexible when it comes to the application process so you and recruiters can work together to finish with the best result for you and the company.

2. Update Your Security Knowledge

When it comes to the IoT industry, security is one of the main concerns. The fact that so many household gadgets are connected to the internet means privacy is a key concern. When looking for your way into the industry, having an up-to-date knowledge of this concern can dramatically increase your chances of securing an interview and job role.

3. Scholarships Are Rewarding

Making sure you are applying for scholarships early on in your career is one of the best ways to reward yourself with great opportunities down the line.

"Not only will you get the education you need to secure the job of your dreams, but you will also have access to a ton of professional advice that will get you to where you need to be," Andy Harrison, a career coach for Academized, shares.

4. Make Decisions with Data

Since the network of IoT has so many devices, with more and more devices being added every day, it is important that you realize the importance for the data these devices send back and that you can use this real-life data to enhance and revolutionize a product.

Make sure you are comfortable working with streams of big data that can help you make some potentially career-defining decisions.

5. Using Online Tools

Applying for jobs is difficult—especially a job in this highly competitive industry. It is recommended that you use online tools and services to check over and perfect your application materials, like your resume and cover letter, since any little mistakes could cost you the interview.

Here is a list of tools to get you started.

  • State of Writing: an online blog with writing guides (resume and cover letter) you can follow when applying for a job
  • Resume Writing Service: a website full of resume and cover letter builders and templates for a professional application
  • UKWritings: a writing agency that can help you write your resume, as recommended by Best British Essays in UK Writings review
  • Subjective vs Objective / Grammarix: blogs full of posts and articles you can use to improve your grammar knowledge
  • Essayroo: an online writing agency that can create your resumes and cover letters on your behalf. This site was featured on Best Australian Writers
  • Cite It In: a free tool you can use for adding professionally formatted citations and references to your documents
  • BoomEssays: an online service that helps to teach you everything you need to know to ace your interviews, as recommended by the Huffington Post in its "Write Me An Essay" feature
  • My Writing Way: A blog with everything you need to know about writing professionally, including grammar and proofreading tips
  • Word Count: a free tool for actively tracking the word count of your resume and cover letter

6. Constantly Update Your Skills

Since IoT is a constantly evolving industry, you will need to make sure you are constantly learning and keeping up with the latest trends and processes. MIT offers an intensive boot camp where you can address common problems and the latest trends, helping you keep your knowledge up to date at all times.

7. Learn to Work as a Team

When it comes to IoT, a single person cannot make it alone, and you will need to make sure you are developing a habit of working well with people and harnessing your collaborative skills. When it comes to IoT, networking and collaboration will get you where you need to be.

Mary Walton is a writer at Assignment Writing Service, where she helps students improve their writing styles and become self-editors. Mary blogs at Simple Grad, a website with academic writing services reviews. She is an online tutor at PaperFellows, an educational technology website. Mary enjoys freelance work and traveling.

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