Productivity and Thriving in 2020

Alyse Hart

April 05, 2020

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Alyse Hart is all about how to get and keep good mojo.


Guessing is out

Going it alone is out

Accountability is in

Groups / communities are in

We know going it alone feels slightly lonely and isolated and we're stronger and more motivated together. You know it but might not do it. Think of it like a dog versus a cat thing. Some days I feel like being a cat, hiding under the bed or lounging, but it's good to also get my dog on. You need to. Going out, visiting the park, sniffing around and playing with others makes me feel better. For sustainable fulfillment and productivity in 2020, recruit a buddy, join a group and there are a couple more things to increase energy... read on.

It's proven that doing activities with a group leaves people feeling more connected and satisfied than flying solo. Group activities let you be seen, heard and missed. We live longer when we have bonds.
Communities like Blue Zones, Okinawa and WITI bear it out.. Stress hormones decrease and health improves when we're sharing ideas, making heart connections and long-lasting friendships by having a few groups we participate in. How about an improvisation group for some good laughs?

Things to incorporate in 2020:

1) Hobbies:
creating things actually helps productivity. Baking, coloring, doodling, knitting, making stuff -- essential oil potions and lotions, even making your own flavored water with fruits and herbs will do. Moving your hands does you good. Why? You are practicing �"presence.” You're giving 100% of your attention to what's at hand and it keeps worries at bay, acting like a reset button. Hobby alone or together, it's up to you.

2) Holistic Mindset and Energy: What you say, what you do, how you eat, who you hang with, how much sleep or rest you get can make you wired and wound up or relaxed and resilient.

It's important to slow down a little to restore. Becoming strong and serene results in being balanced and resilient. 2019 was wild, so a good life in 2020 is about managing and self-regulating. Your ability to re-balance a few times a day in short spurts is a super skill.

The goal: Greater access to good energy that you can manufacture on demand. We need a smooth and strong mojo like a river. This kind of energy makes it possible to do what you love. Sometimes you need intense big wave energy, and other activities don't require that kind of intensity. So here's a toast to less burn out, good vibes, new abilities and a touch of magic and mastery in 2020.

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