Want To Follow Your Desires But Too Scared To Quit Your Job?

Hannah Butler

May 17, 2020

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Then Ask Yourself These 5 Important Questions.

We have all been guilty of wishing the hours away, day-dreaming about a life which is lived to its fullest. A life free from the time restrictions and stresses of a 9-5 workplace. A life of fulfillment.

But in spite of this being the dream for so many people, why is it that so few are actually choosing to take that leap and pursue their dreams? What is it about leaving the 9-5 working world that worries us so much? In the event that you, too, are struggling to make that decision as to whether to leave your 9-5 job in pursuit of your dreams, then try asking yourself the following questions:

If Not Now, When?
We are forever putting off what can be done today, in preference of doing it tomorrow. This could be putting up with a relationship that we're unhappy in, not leaving our unfulfilling job or delaying starting a whole new exercise regimen - we do this, promising ourselves that tomorrow will change.
But consider - if not today then when? There'll always be a thousand good reasons for you not to chase your dreams and quit your day job. But if you listen to these, you will also have to contend with a million regrets.

What Will Be Different Next Time?
Most of the time, when working in a 9-5 environment we often blame our misery on the job role that we're in. Because of this, we move departments, job roles or companies with the hope that something will change. Nevertheless, many people find that this is simply not the truth. They may be in a different building, but they still have the same early mornings, pressures and sense of entrapment they had in their previous 9-5 roles.

So, if you think a simple change of scenery will do the trick, then stop and truly ask yourself, will things be any different?

Would you Do It If Money Wasn't An Issue?
Probably the biggest reason for people not walking away from their jobs is the fear of financial insecurity. They worry that without the security of a 9-5 paycheck they'll be unable to support themselves or their family members. However, this doesn't have to be the case.

But is this a genuine fear? Surely practically nothing in life can promise us security - even the wealthiest individuals sometimes lose it all. More often than not, we overestimate how much money it can take to travel or quit our jobs to pursue our dreams.

If You Were Asked To Look Back On Your Life In 10 Years' Time, What Would You Want To See?
The benefit of time is that it is capable of putting things into a better perspective for us. So ask yourself the important question - in 10 years time what would you want your life to look like? Would you want it to look exactly as it is right now or would you wish to see a life lived to its very fullest, where you seized every opportunity that came your way?

The last thing that you want to feel when you look back over your life is regret.

What's The Worst That Can Happen?
Finally, if you are really struggling to take that big leap and leave the 9-5 grind once and for all, then the question that you need to ask yourself is this: What's the worst that can happen? No, really, what is it?

Our imagination can be our biggest enemy, so begin to listen a little less to your fears and a little more to your dreams. You know you were born for more than this - so what's stopping you?

About the author: Hannah Butler works as a web developer and designer. Besides, she likes sharing her experience in the form of articles. In this case, she has her own section on the essay writing service website. In the future, she is going to start writing a blog in order to describe her working methods to others.

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