Grow your Business: Start a Podcast

Andy Latkovskis

October 25, 2020

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Ideally, podcasting involves recording a digital audio intended to educate the target audience with content related to a particular business. For instance, a financial institution can start a podcast on money management or best ways to invest among other related content.

A few years ago, podcasting was a road less travelled. It has since gained traction with more and more businesses joining the wagon. Of course, people can't be consistent in creating content and posting the podcasts if they weren't gaining anything from it. Most have discovered that it can be a great marketing tool.

Here are a few ways that a podcast can help your business grow.

1. Reaching new audiences

Most businesses struggle with reaching new audiences even with a presence in social media. 104 million people listen to podcasts every month in the United States alson. For starters, podcasts are free and can be accessed even on a mobile phone. With most people owning a mobile phone today, it becomes possible to reach a lot of people around the globe with just a single video.

Additionally, when you continually create educational content for your audience, people start looking forward to what you have to offer. This helps you grow a community of loyalty and trust. You also establish a relationship with your audience as you continue relating with them. Most people prefer buying from someone they know, which increases the chances of your audience buying from you.

When you have a ready audience around the world, it becomes easy to expand your business internationally. For a smooth expansion, utilize the services of an international PEO, such as NH Global Partners in hiring talents. Such an organization helps you set up a business in foreign countries without establishing a legal entity.

2. Showcasing your expertise

When you podcast about a topic in your niche, you are broadcasting information from a point of knowledge and expertise gathered over the years. That means that the information you are sharing is credible, which gives you authority as an industry expert.

More people are inclined to do business with you when they are sure of your expertise. In addition, earning an industry expert title opens up more opportunities to speak about your brand. You are invited to talk shows and you attract new partnerships and collaborations that benefit your business.

3. You gain public speaking skills

Practice makes perfect, so they say. When starting your podcast, you have little experience in talking to an audience. You might even struggle with your recording stumbling on what to say. This, however, gets better with time. After several podcasts, you naturally flow in your conversations, which become a valuable experience in public speaking.

Public speaking skills come handy in business as you gain confidence talking with people. You become better at negotiating better rates and payment arrangements from the suppliers. If your business requires extra funding, you are confident negotiating loans with financial institutions or percentages of ownership with investors.

4. Networking

For people growing their businesses, networking is crucial in building relationships that are essential along the journey. You need people to do business with, and the only way to meet such people, or people who will introduce you to these people is through networking.

Podcasting offers you an avenue to network. When you invite guests or are invited to other podcasts, you get a chance to connect with these people. Remember you already have established an audience with people who listen to you. This gives an advantage since you can invite anyone who needs an audience. It could be famous authors, influencers or other influential people, which allows you to tap into their knowledge and influence.

5. Content creation

Online presence is essential in attracting the modern consumer. However, you can't brag of having an online presence if you have no content to show for it. People need to see your content when they search for you.
Podcasting gives you the opportunity to create useful content that makes you attractive to people searching for you. In addition, your podcast can be turned into blog articles or transcripts, which puts you on top of search results in the online search engines.

In a nutshell, podcasting is a great way to bring more people to your business. It is a marketing strategy that is worth pursuing. Get your equipment ready, settle on interesting topics and be ready to be consistent in posting new podcasts. The above benefits are yours to reap.

Andy Latkovskis is an HR Officer specialized in employee training and development. He is truly passionate about nurturing talent and ideas that evoke transformative change in individuals, teams, and organizations.

Opinions expressed by the author are not necessarily those of WITI.

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