How Digital Nomads in Thailand Expand their Network

Wassana Lampech

February 08, 2017

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How Digital Nomads in Thailand Expand Their Network

For several years now, Thailand has been carving a reputation as a Silicon-Valley hub in Asia but without the unaffordable price tag. Bangkok and other major cities such as Chiang Mai, in particular, has become a cheaper option for tech startups looking for a place to set their legs. This vibrant energy has attracted tech freelancers and digital nomads to visit, stay for awhile, and network in Thailand.

For a digital nomad, a workspace goes beyond the four walls of an office cubicle and is not location dependent. In Thailand, networking and collaboration could take place among digital nomads in a cafe, restaurant, coworking space, a beach, or any part of the tropical landscape. This and other factors help this tech-savvy group expand their network in this Southeast Asian country.

  • Nomad Hub

  • With the rise of the tech industry comes the wave of digital nomads staying longer in Thailand. There are several reasons why the local environment is attractive for this group. First, affordable temporary accommodations at less than $500 a month can be arranged in locations with access to a working transportation system. Second, the cost of living is relatively cheap compared to other tech hubs in the world. Plus, networking won't be a challenge in major Thai cities, where bars, restaurants, and other establishments can become informal venues for meetups among fellow nomads.

  • Great Outdoors

  • Before becoming a growing tech hub in Asia, Thailand has been known as a major ecotourism and cultural destination. Even Thailand's urban centers are dotted with parks and greenery which provide a great place to unwind and stimulate creative inspiration. Groups such as the Doi Suthep walkers offer activities for nomads on a break from work or seeking unique ways to expand their network among the local tech community. This particular activity focuses on exploring the Doi Suthep jungle trail with other hikers on weekends. Their Facebook page describes the two aspects of the mountain trail, which takes less than an hour each to complete. The trail offers hikers an opportunity to see the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, a temple in Chiang Mai province.

  • Indoor Activities

  • Networking among digital nomads can be strengthened by a variety of indoor activities such as these interactive game. For example, escape game is the game that starts with a team of 2 to 7 choosing a specific challenge or scenario before being locked in a room. Here, they are given an hour to search for and solve a set of clues in order to unlock and conquer the challenge. These types of indoor activities cater to digital nomads into strategic and synergetic gameplay. For those into other types of networking activities, staying fit and centered indoors won't be a problem with the proliferation of Muay Thai gyms and yoga centers in most major cities in Thailand. These venues also provide an alternative way to get connected with other like-minded digital nomads.

  • Social Media Support

  • Digital nomads rely on a dependable and fast internet in order to accomplish their online workload and to expand their social media network. This is one of the reasons why Bangkok and other urban centers in Thailand have been a preferred destination among digital nomads. Major Thai cities, fortunately, offer fast internet speeds and reliable connectivity. In fact, Bangkok, where tech companies congregate, has an average internet speed of at least 10mbps. Depending on location, it could go even faster. Internet speed and reliability is essential in ensuring all social media networking activities are current. An updated digital presence facilitates connection among clients, potential clients and fellow nomads within the city and across the globe.

  • Coworking Spaces

  • Coworking spaces across major Thai hubs also create opportunities for digital nomads to cheaply rent their own corner on a daily or monthly basis. These spaces provide access to conference rooms and other office amenities and would typically host networking events for startups, tech-related businesses, and location independent freelancers.

    Thailand has become the preferred destination for digital nomads looking for a perfect place to balance work and fun. Here, expanding connections among these like-minded individuals occur not only within the startups and tech spaces established as a hub for germinating and collaborating on new ideas. Just as the digital nomad has expanded the notion of work, any place in Thailand where creativity sparks new ideas could be a good place for networking and collaboration.

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