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2000 Silicon Valley Technology Summit
Interactive Webcasts

The following webcasts have been archived on Worldstream's Web site. To download the webcast, click on the session title below.

To participate in these interactive webcasts, there are three basic requirements:

  • Pentium Class PC
  • Macintosh 7.0+, Windows 95,98, NT 4.0+
  • Internet Explorer 3.0+, Netscape 3.0+, AOL 3.0+
  • A 28.8K dial-up, ISDN or dedicated connection to the Internet
  • 32MB RAM
  • RealPlayer or Windows Media Player
  • Speakers (if you wish to hear the streaming audio content through your PC)

To be certain your computer system is configured correctly to participate in this event, visit WorldStream's simple event wizard.

pre-register for the session you wish to participate in by clicking on the title below. This will give you an opportunity to create your own user account (nickname) and password. You will also receive an email reminder prior to the event start time. Once you have registered, you can use the same username and password to attend the other interactive WITI webcasts.

You will be able to participate in the following sessions:

  • Lessons Learned from a Startup Entrepreneur
    Tuesday, June 20
    Marimba co-founder and CEO Kim Polese talks about what she's learned from launching and running a high-profile, high-risk startup. She will provide insight into the startup process, discuss how gender has affected her company, and explore the plusses and minuses of being one of the most visible women in Silicon Valley. In a conversation with Sandy Reed, a journalist who recently launched her own startup, Polese will also offer advice for would-be entrepreneurs on how to create and build a company.
      Speakers: Kim Polese, President, CEO & Co-Founder, Marimba
      Sandy Reed, President and Co-Founder, Itpro, Inc.

  • Creating a Buzz for Your Startup
    Tuesday, June 20
    Whether you are an entrepreneur starting up a new venture, launching a new product or seeking support for an idea within your organization, you will have to create excitement and demand for your offering. At this session you will find out how to position your product or service to a target audience in a way that will create the most buzz. You will learn how entrepreneurs created a market presence that was embraced by the media and customers and what the media look for in new products and initiatives. You will also receive expert advice from coaches, entrepreneurs and public relations professionals. Don't miss this opportunity to transform yourself into a creative Buzz-Meister!
      Speakers: Patti Bond, Chief Marketing Officer, Blumarble Strategic Marketing (moderator)
      Amy Looper, Chief of Creative, Central Region, Luminant
      Sabrina Horn, CEO & President, The Horn Group
      Vanessa Richardson, Writer, Redherring.com
      Steve Mandel, President, Frontline Group/Mandel
      Kim Fisher, CEO and Co-founder, Audiobasket

  • Packaging Your Venture for Investment
    Wednesday, June 21
    During the past decade, women have launched companies at nearly twice the national average and now own 38% of all U.S. firms. Furthermore, growth projections for women-owned businesses are phenomenal. The largest hurdles are convincing yourself that you can make the leap into entrepreneurship and securing funding for your venture. This panel will offer guidance and practical tips on how to position and package your venture for investment capital. Our panel includes women entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, coaches and marketing experts who work with successful early stage entrepreneurs. Find out what it takes to appeal to investors and how to create an investment package that will yield sustainable returns.
      Speakers: Denise Ryan, President and Chief Visionary Officer, BluMarble Strategic Marketing (moderator)
      Joe Becker, President & CEO, Dolphin Ventures
      Matt Bolton, Analyst, Woodside Fund
      Susan K. Acker, President, CEO and Co-founder, Blue292
      Susan Mason, Partner, ONSET Ventures

  • Get to Market ... Fast!
    Wednesday, June 21
    In today's fast-paced market, speed is they key to success. We will explore strategies for moving at Internet speed. Focus areas include: raising money in record time, hiring fast, picking renowned partners upfront, outsourcing non-core functions, leveraging innovative technologies, and avoiding burnout.
      Speakers: Donna Jensen, Founder & CEO, Startups.com (moderator)
      Lu Cordova, CEO, Acteva
      Roberta Jacobson, Founder & CEO, Cobaltcard
      Jeannine Sargenet, CEO, Voyan Technology

  • Negotiating Your Compensation Package in the New Economy
    Wednesday, June 21
    Today there is more to compensation than salary alone. Depending on your level of responsibility, your compensation may also be made up of bonuses, stock options and other long-term incentives and benefits that have a monetary value - as well as other types of compensation packages available in today's economy and negotiation techniques for obtaining the best compensation package possible.
      Speakers: Laura Owen, VP, Human Resources, Women.com Networks, Inc. (moderator)
      Dee DiPietro, CEO, Advanced HR
      Pamela Ferrell, Staffing Manager, ALP/MSP, Texas Instruments
      Cynthia Neff, Director, Human Resources, IBM Research

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