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Tuesday, June 20
Session I | Session II
Wednesday, June 21
Session I | Session II
Thursday, June 22
Session I
Past Conferences | Santa Clara | 2000 | Sessions and Speakers

Sessions and Speakers*

Tuesday, June 20
Session I
10 -11:30 a.m.

Business Development Track

Dot.com Marketing Tips
Great America Meeting Room 2
The Internet has profoundly and permanently changed how businesses plan and implement marketing strategies. Companies need to develop marketing solutions that work in a corporate environment traveling at cyber speed. This session will address the innovative, out-of-the-box marketing ideas you can use. It will answer the question: How can you communicate your brandıs core message strategically and effectively.

    Susan Bratton, VP, Market Development, [email protected] (moderator)
    Terri Holbrooke, SVP, Marketing, RealNames
    Melissa Lloyd, VP, Marketing, HotLinks
    Teri Dahlbeck, Co-Founder, GotMarketing.com
300% Better Business Performance
Ballroom E
Leverage the tools illustrated in these remarkable success stories presented by a senior software executive and a semi-conductor design engineer. They will share their business challenges, the methodology they used and the extraordinary business results they experience. Those results include:
  • Reduction of Fairchild Semiconductor product development cycle time from 270 to 90 days, critical in the fast-moving semiconductor industry.
  • 300% more productivity in software development and testing, critical to position Visa International in the global marketplace.
In this session you will learn a methodology to master the possibilities!
    Carole Berkson, Project Management Office, CSAA (California State Auto Association) (moderator)
    Carol Cain-Boudoures, WITI Foundation Advisory Board Member, Management Consultant and former SVP, Visa International
    Dawna Houk, Design Engineer, Fairchild Semiconductor

Entrepreneur Track

Shaping your Startups A-Team
Great America Ballroom J
Your startups A-team is key to securing financing and the ultimate success of your venture - but what elements make for a successful team? How do you find the visionaries, leaders, implementers and infrastructure builders necessary to launch your product or service and be a successful startup in today's technology industry? Identifying candidates for your A-team who are smart, committed, work well together and get things done can be extremely challenging. This panel of entrepreneurs, executive search professionals and venture capitalists will discuss the strategies and options available to create the best possible A-team to help you secure financing and get the best start in this highly competitive industry.

    Candy Mirrer, President, MirrerSearch.com (moderator)
    April Benavidez King, Sequoia Capital
    Janice Carter, Senior Business Development Advisor, www.justbits.com
    Patricia Franklin, CEO, Atlas Island Media
    Joanna Wang, Business Development Manager, Agilent Technologies
    Judy MacDonald, CEO, zibu.com
Chat Session with Kim Polese: Lessons Learned from a Startup Entrepreneur
Ballroom G
Marimba Co-Founder and CEO Kim Polese talks about what she's learned from launching and running a high-profile, high-risk startup. She will provide insight into the startup process, discuss how gender has affected her company, and explore the plusses and minuses of being one of the most visible women in Silicon Valley. In a conversation with Sandy Reed, a journalist who recently launched her own startup, Polese will also offer advice for would-be entrepreneurs on how to create and build a company.
    Kim Polese, President, CEO & Co-Founder, Marimba
    Sandy Reed, President and Co-Founder, ITpro, Inc.
Professional Development Track

Personal Stories of Successful Women
Great America Meeting 1
This is always one of our most popular sessions. Inspiring, motivational and awesome is how some have described it. If you're interested in the engaging stories of dynamic women who have experienced extraordinary success, this is a session you won't want to miss.
    Carol Thompson, President, The Thompson Group (moderator)
    Robin Raskin, Editor in Chief, Family PC
    Duy-Loan Le, Program Manager and TI Fellow, Texas Instruments
    Lisa Henderson, CEO, LevelEdge
Leadership 2000: Creating, Leading and Keeping Champions
Great America Meeting Room 3
In the information age, leaders need clear passionate vision and the ability to encourage, stimulate and retain key people. In this workshop you will learn strategies to clarify vision and keep your people motivated and on track, develop communication techniques to ensure clarity and commitment and acquire key strategies to encourage passion and productivity. You will also learn seven key techniques to maintaining balance and being happy, productive and successful.
    Dr. Sharon Rolbin, Change Management Consultant
Women in the Modern Workplace
Great America Ballroom K
Helen will speak on the topic of gender and the role of women in the Internet economy. The session will focus on the issues confronting women in the workplace and ways to bridge the gender gap. She will address the challenges women continue to face as they work to break the glass ceiling and methods for improving working relationships. Helen will also discuss her provocative ideas on women and the new leadership in the fast paced world of technology and e-Business.
    Helen Turnbull, President, Human Facets
Technology Track

Internet Architectures: The Next Wave
Ballroom H
Soon, Internet architectures will evolve by including integration architectures, integrating traditional point-of-sale, call center, data warehouse and other technologies to create a more integrated channel. This model will better serve the customer, will provide new data analysis possibilities, and will support new business models that previous generations of Internet architectures were unable to support. In this session, Kara will discuss the business and technology aspects of the next generation of Internet architectures.
    Kara Kapczynski, CTO, Gen3Partners
Security Transformation
Ballroom F
Information security has emerged as one of the hottest topics in our society. Organizations are realizing that their ability to use technology strategically is key to their success. For years, efforts to enhance information security have met resistance as many organizations view such initiatives as barriers to progress. Today information security professionals have the opportunity to transform their programs and to position security as a strategic enabler. We will discuss strategies, approaches and solutions to respond to this opportunity.
    Samantha Thomas, Information Security, State of California
    Terri Craig, Partner, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Session II
2:15 - 3:45 p.m.

Business Development Track

Client Relationship Management: Navigating the Showstoppers and Speedbumps
Great America Ballroom K
Effective business relationships can shorten cycle time to desired outcomes, while poor relationship management can create speedbumps. This session features an overview of successful Client Relationship Management practices followed by a participant- driven discussion of issues related to relationship-based business strategies, e.g. how do you build them successfully and what are the supporting processes and competencies? What are some of the important similarities and/or distinctions in developing effective client relationships and building relationships with "strategic partners" and how should they be managed? Content will focus on common Showstoppers and Speedbumps in client relationships, some practical things to do when they surface, and specific ways to prevent them.

    Judith McCrackin, President, THOUGHTSPACE, Inc. (facilitator)
Workshop: The DNA of Organizational Transformation
Great America Meeting Room 2
About 70 percent of attempts to transform organizations fail. In this workshop you will learn how to develop boundaries of change that move the transformation in the right direction, how to create suitable prescriptive values of transformation and how to implement small structural changes. Also, you will learn how to use peer coaching to promote and produce new behaviors and how to mobilize small, diverse, volunteer teams as vehicles for transformation.
    Veronica Boaz, VP - Professional Change Agent, ChangeCraft
Using Technology to Protect your Competitive Advantage and Intellectual Property
Ballroom E
How can you protect the IP that is shared with customers and business partners? One exciting new solution is Internet- and Intranet-based multimedia information protection technology. This solution includes computer based training, intellectual property tracking, and Intranet-based reference tools. Each provides a cost-effective means of protecting proprietary rights to information. This session describes several such tools. Strategies, benefits, cost-effectiveness and implications of developing (or licensing), and using these automated tools will be addressed. The effect of these tools on the legal standard for "reasonable measures" to protect information will also be discussed.
    Naomi Fine, President, Pro-Tec Data
Entrepreneur Track

Creating a Buzz for Your Startup
Great America Ballroom G
Whether you are an entrepreneur starting up a new venture, launching a new product or seeking support for an idea within your organization, you will have to create excitement and demand for your offering. At this session you will find out how to position your product or service to a target audience in a way that will create the most buzz. You will learn how entrepreneurs created a market presence that was embraced by the media and customers and what the media look for in new products and initiatives. You will also receive expert advice from coaches, entrepreneurs and public relations professionals. Don't miss this opportunity to transform yourself into a creative Buzz-Meister!
    Patti Bond, Chief Marketing Officer, Blumarble Strategic Marketing (moderator)
    Amy Looper, Chief of Creative, Central Region, Luminant
    Sabrina Horn, CEO & President, The Horn Group
    Vanessa Richardson, Writer, Redherring.com
    Steve Mandel, President, Frontline Group/Mandel
    Kim Fisher, CEO and Co-founder, Audiobasket
Professional Development Track

Leadership Skills for Technical Professionals
Great America Meeting Room 3
Are you a techie intent on moving your way up the corporate ladder? Have you recently been promoted to a management position after years of being a technologist? Often outstanding technologists are promoted to management positions without being provided the skills necessary to be effective leaders. We will discuss the skill sets that technical professionals need to become successful and effective leaders in today's workplace.
    Jean Fuller, VP, Operations, High Performance Resources
    Kara Kapczynski, CTO, Gen3Partners
    Wendy K. Hughes, Assistant VP, Computer Associates International
    Leticia Benavides, Manager, Test Engineering/Electronic Systems, Raytheon Company
    Melina Linder, Managing Director, Electronic Brokerage Technology, Charles Schwab & Co.
Strike a Balance between Your Work and Personal Life
Great America Ballroom J
Does it seem like work has become your life? Do you wonder whether you can succeed in a technology company and still have a life? Whatever your profession, whatever your lifestyle, attend this session to figure out how to "get a life". There is no "one size fits all" answer ­ come think with the panelists about life choices and balancing strategies. You're sure to learn something that will help you enjoy life more.
    Marsha Reeves-Jews, President, COO and Associate Publisher, Career (moderator)
    Kirby Dyess, VP, Director, New Business Development, Intel Corporation
    Janne Ackerman, Senior Manager, Engineering/Electronic Systems, Raytheon Company
    Padmasree Warrior, VP and Assistant Director of Digital DNA Laboratories, Motorola
    Peggy Waterfall, Program Manager, Women in Technology, IBM Corporation
Technology Track

XML: Function Over Form
Great America Meeting Room 1
What if your data could be read by disparate systems? What if one format could be extended to the Web, e-Commerce, and systems management? Well it can with Extensible Markup Language, which is quickly becoming the standard for e-Commerce and Web development. This session will cover the diverse uses of XML and the benefits it can bring to your organization.
    Marcy Thompson, Director, Training, DataChannel
Managing Risk in Internet Time
Ballroom F
In the Internet age, we all live with the threat that the competition is only a click away. Quality is defined for us by our customer's total experience. This spans the areas from functionality of the product to ease of invoking it, to completion of a transaction. Quality is no longer a product-related only function. We are truly now managing risk as we tackle quality issues. In this session you will hear from top authorities who have been there, done that.
    CJ Yem, Senior Director, Business Development, OpenGrid (moderator)
    Eileen Boerger, VP, Operations, QualityLogic, Inc.
    Dell Larcen, President, Strayer Consulting Group
    Beth Van Story, President, iMotors
Translating Business Strategy into IT Strategy and Architecture
Ballroom H
Effective use of technology is key to executing the business models of the new economy. For dot.coms and off line businesses, effective use of technology requires detailed technology plans which provide services in alignment with the Information Technology (IT) strategy which, in turn, aligns and supports the core business strategy in an unbroken chain. This session describes the elements of two vital planning steps: IT Strategy and Technology Architecture, the methods used by leading companies to reach rapid consensus in planning activities and the organizational structures that are most effective.
    Ellen Braun, Senior Manager, Critical Technologies, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

Wednesday, June 21 | Thursday, June 22

*Subject to change

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