Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Sophie V. Vandebroek, Ph.D.

Sophie V. Vandebroek, Ph.D.

COO, IBM Research

Inducted in 2011

When the split of Xerox happened in 2016, Sophie V. Vanderbroek announced her intention to retire, however, in January of 2017, she took the chief operating officer role at IBM research center. Sophie was Xerox’s chief technological officer and the president of the Xerox Innovation Group since January 2006. She oversaw the Xerox research centers in Europe, Asia, Canada, and the United States as well as the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC Inc.).

Sophie was chief engineer of Xerox Corporation, vice president of the Xerox engineering center, technical advisor to Xerox’s chief operating officer, and director of the Xerox research center of Canada.

As a fellow of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, a Fulbright fellow, and a fellow of the Belgian-American Educational Foundation, she holds 12 United States patents. She has received awards from Xerox, IBM, HP, Monsanto, the Belgium National Science Foundation, Semiconductor Research Corporation, IEEE, and Cornell University.

Sophie is a member of the board of directors at Analogic Corporation, Nypro Corporation, and she is a member of the United States National Academies Committee on science, technology, and law.

She is a trustee of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and also serves on the advisory council of the deans of Engineering at Cornell University and MIT.
Born in Leuven, Belgium, Sophie earned a master’s degree in electro-mechanical engineering from Katholieke University and her PhD in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

She and her husband enjoy spending time with their six teenage children.

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