Digital Health and Biotech Discussion and Connecting

The monthly event for the WITI Digital Health/Bio Tech community is an exciting and informative gathering where professionals and experts in the field of digital health and biotechnology come together to discuss the latest trends and innovations in this rapidly evolving industry. This month's event will focus on how the new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the landscape of digital health and biotech.

During the event, attendees can expect to hear from industry leaders and experts who will share their insights and perspectives on how AI is driving innovation and transforming the way we approach healthcare and biotech. The discussion will cover a range of topics, including the latest AI technologies, the impact of AI on patient care and outcomes, and the ethical considerations around using AI in healthcare.

The event will be structured to allow ample time for networking and discussion, providing attendees with the opportunity to connect with other professionals in the industry and exchange ideas and insights. Whether you are a researcher, a healthcare provider, a technology provider, or simply interested in learning more about the intersection of AI and digital health, this event is a must-attend.

Overall, the WITI Digital Health/Bio Tech monthly event is a valuable resource for professionals and experts in this field, providing an opportunity to stay informed about the latest trends and innovations and connect with other like-minded individuals. With a focus on AI and its transformative potential, this month's event is sure to be an exciting and insightful discussion.

This event occurs the second Wednesday of every month.

***No Recruiting or soliciting allowed at any WITI WINS Event. These events are for education and relationship building only***

Schedule of Events

I. Introductions (5 minutes) Welcome and thank everyone for joiningAsk each participant to introduce themselves briefly, including their name, role, and one thing you want everyone to know about themselves

II. Women in Technology International (WITI) Updates (5 minutes)Provide an update on any recent WITI initiatives, events, or newsInvite any participants to share their own WITI-related updates or experiences

III. Speaker Presentation (15 minutes)Introduce the speaker and topic of discussionAllow the speaker to give their presentationEncourage participants to ask questions or share their thoughts at the end of the presentation

IV. Breakout Rooms (20 minutes)Divide participants into smaller groups and assign them to breakout roomsInstruct participants to discuss the speaker's presentation, share their own experiences related to the topic, and get to know each other betterProvide some guiding questions to facilitate the conversation, if necessary

V. Wrap Up (5 minutes)Bring everyone back to the main meeting roomAsk each breakout room to share their main takeaways from the discussionThank everyone for attending, where to send comments and questions and encourage them to stay connected with each other and join WITI.