Certification, Continuing Education, & Upskilling

The days of earning a degree being enough to get you through your entire career are long gone! Continuing education is now required, no longer optional, to stay current with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies … especially in the IT sector. This monthly WIN will discuss what’s going on in the world of CERTIFICATION, CONTINUING EDUCATION & UPSKILLING. Through presentations, guest speakers, panel discussions, and more, you can stay up to date with the info that will help ensure you continue moving toward your defined career success.

Featured Speaker(s)

Network Leader: Suzanne Ricci
Suzanne Ricci has helped thousands of IT and business professionals achieve their career goals through customized training strategies and certification preparation courses. She is the Network Director for WITI Tampa Bay, as well as the CEO of Computer Coach Technology Training Centers. Suzanne has earned over 25 IT certifications throughout her 20+ years in tech. She is committed to continuing education, upskilling, and validating her own skills constantly.

John Mongeon
Senior Manager, Business Development

John Mongeon, Senior Manager of Business Development at CompTIA is a 20-year veteran of the IT Training and Certification industry. In his current role, John manages training partner relationships and the cyber workforce development program at the US Department of Defense. Prior to his position with CompTIA, John held senior positions with Alltel, Sprint and (ISC)2.