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Creating a Passionate Work Environment by Maria Fee

Because business is conducted by people for people °V the topic addresses how to identify, find, and retain the right team that creates a passionate work environment. This presentation is about creating a healthy, empowering, passionate corporate culture by:

-- Helping employees articulate their passions,
-- Understanding the 10 keys to creating an environment where passion can flourish,
-- Rewarding your team in ways that are meaningful to them -- not you -- the boss or owner, and
-- Recognizing the importance of values and how they play out in the work place.

Featured Speaker(s)

Maria Fee is a regular guest speaker at a variety of local, regional, and international professional forums. Her topics are professional and motivational in nature. She is currently co-authoring a book on business leadership styles. A serial entrepreneur, she currently owns and operates two businesses:

- REMI Properties, L.P., a company that buys, sells, manages, and invests in real estate and various notes and settlements.
- Facilitating Strategy, a consulting firm that helps management teams and business owners to articulate, plan, measure, and accomplish their goals.

Ms. Fee is a high-energy, active participant in the community. She is an advisor to eight Boards of Directors such as the University of Houston °V Downtown Center for Entrepreneurship and Women°¶s Energy Network. She is also involved in several professional organizations such as World Entrepreneur°¶s Organization (WEO), Technology Executives Club of Houston (TECH), and The Executive Committee (TEC).

Ms. Fee was appointed to the Department of Commerce°¶s Houston District Export Council (DEC), a community service organization that makes a positive impact on economic development by increasing U.S. exports.

She has also received acknowledgement for her efforts is assisting with the development of The U.N. World Food Programme and the Development of Food Aid.

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5:45 - 6:30 Registration, Dinner and Networking
6:30 - 7:00 Introductions, Announcements and Sponsor Welcome
7:00 - 8:00 Presentation and Roundtable Discussions
8:00 - 8:30 Networking