The Secrets of Becoming a More Valuable and Promotable Employee

WITI Houston and SWE (Society of Women Engineers will be having a joint dinner event.

How do you manage your career?

At this event you will Learn:
- The number one most important ingredient to getting hired and promoted
- How to stand above the crowd at work
- What steps you need to take starting tomorrow

The hidden cost of retaining a stable workplace goes way beyond the easily recognized expense of replacing a single employee. Employee turnover also impacts the people who must carry the workload when other people leave. The challenge of retaining employees will often cause people to “quit and stay”. In other words, the employees left behind will disengage. A company’s retention challenges severely weaken employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Pre-registration closes on Friday, March 6. On-site registration will be $20

Featured Speaker(s)

RetainAbility's founder and CEO, Jane Moughon, is a member of the Texas Diversity Council. Jane was selected as the Oil and Gas Employee Retention Specialist for Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. She is also a Director for Houston's Public Speaker's Association.

As a Certified Group Leader (CGL) and Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Jane has earned the trust of many. Her history as a professional recruiter, career development trainer and employment with both Enron and Pennzoil demonstrates her wealth of experience to clients who want to increase profits through carefully strategized retention programs.

Jane is a life-long learner, dedicated to constant improvement and expansion of her expertise. She earned her Master's of Science in Human Resource Management from Houston Baptist University. Her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration included a major in Accounting. The University of Houston also certified her in the “Coaching Tools for Leaders” program.

Professional memberships include the Katy Chamber of Commerce, and American Society of Training and Development.

Schedule of Events

6-6:45p Networking, Check-in
6:45-7:20pm Dinner
7:20-8:10pm Speaker
8:10pm Question/Answer and Closing of Program