Can Machines Think? Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Can machines think? An introduction to Machine Learning and what it means to us

Alan Turing asked this provocative question some 65 years ago. Today, machine learning is a driving force in many areas close to us: Consumer finance, investment management, retail, medicine, security, etc. By the end of 2017 not all of our colleagues will be human and that will be the norm. The relationship between man and machine will no longer be the domain of sci-fi movies but a part of everyday life at work.

Join us for a discussion on the following:

- What is Machine Learning? How is it difference from Artificial Intelligence?
- What does it take to apply it?
- How does it impact our daily and professional lives? Is 'Siri" or 'Cortana' our future?
- Will I lose my job to Machine Learning? What skills can help me move into this space?
- Do you have to be a Data Scientist to use machine learning?
- What AI is really capable of today and discuss how that is likely to change our relationship with machines and how we will re-model and invent processes that can take advantage of our new dream team.

Learn emerging technology
Network with your peers
Inspire and be inspired

Featured Speaker(s)

Jonathan Crane, Chief Commercial Officer at IPsoft, has been a communications industry leader for more than 35 years. Jonathan has held numerous executive positions in corporations such as ROLM, Savvis, Lightstream, MarcamSolutions, Worldcomand MCI. Most recently, Jonathan was the Chairman of the Board and President of Savvis.

Jennifer Bolton is Sr. Director of Marketing at Dato, a machine learning SaaS provider which makes sophisticated machine learning easy to build, deploy, and iterate quickly. As an IT consultant with PwC, she traveled around the US and internationally for seven years before settling in Seattle. Since then, Jennifer has held Marketing and Product leadership roles at Smartsheet, F5 Networks, and Allrecipes. Jennifer loves geeking out on new technologies which make people's lives exponentially easier.
Dato offers weekly webinars to ramp up on machine learning topics. For hands-on online learning, Dato partnered with the University of Washington to develop the Coursera Machine Learning Specialization.

Schedule of Events

6:00pm - Registration, Networking and appetizers
6:15pm - WITI Overview
6:30pm - Presentation
7:45pm - Raffle Prizes!
8:00pm - Adjourn

Meeting Notes

Appetizers and beverages are provided. If you or your company wish to host or sponsor an event, please ask one of the leadership team members located on the Orange County home page.