What Does It Take to be a Trailblazer?

Being a woman working in a male-dominated field often means breaking new ground - exploring possibilities that have never been considered before. To do this takes courage, confidence, poise, imagination and humility. Come hear first-hand accounts from a real trailblazer. Janet Horton pioneered the role of women in the Army Chaplaincy and is the author of "Cracking the Camouflage Ceiling". She'll share her stories and inspire you to break new ground and explore new opportunities.

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Janet Horton served for 28 years as an Army Chaplain. She was the first woman in the Army Chaplain Corps to be assigned as a Division level Supervisory Chaplain, the first woman to attain the grade of Colonel in the Army Chaplain Corps, and the first female Chaplain to attend the Army War College. She served two tours of duty in the Pentagon and prayed with casualties in the Pentagon Courtyard on 9-11. She supervised the religious support for Task Forces in Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo. She taught leadership courses at all levels of the military and at Principia College. After training at the New Jersey State Police Academy her lesson plans on Personal Safety and Rape Prevention were adopted by the Armed Forces Training Board.

Her education includes a Masters of Divinity from Boston University School of Theology and a Masters of Arts Degree in Religious Studies from Stanford University. She was selected as a Distinguished Alumni of Boston University School of Theology in September of 2011. From her studies of Divine Command Morality and the Abraham Tradition she has briefed the Military Intelligence community, Homeland Defense, the US Marshall's Office, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and Pace University in New York City on the Extremist mindset. Janet is a native of Crystal, MI and currently lives in Ocala with her husband, Jeffrey Harvey.

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5:30-6:00 - Refreshments and Networking
6:00-7:00 - Introductions and Speaker Presentation
7:00-7:30 - Q&A, Networking