Communicating with Clarity and Impact

This high-energy program focuses on the foundational communication skills: listening, asking insightful questions, and interpreting non-verbal communication (body language, voice tone).

Participants will learn a communications model that will enable them to communicate more clearly, confidently, and effectively. Participants will learn techniques such as pacing and leading that will improve their ability of building stronger rapport and improve their overall communication with others.

Featured Speaker(s)

For 25 years, Bethany Plaza has been an energetic and outspoken leader in the IT industry. As CEO of Conscientia Corporation�"a Management, Consulting, and Technology services firm�"she’s played a pivotal role in helping individuals and business thrive. Drawing on her unique blend of solutions-oriented strategic thinking and person-centered leadership development, she has helped a wide range of organizations meet and exceed their goals in business.

Bethany is a master of team dynamics. Having endured the devastating effects of domestic abuse in her own home, she has devoted herself to studying healthy family and team dynamics. Bringing those principles to bear upon the professional sphere, Bethany is able to help leaders develop cohesive models that value and integrate the myriad skill sets located within the organization.

More than a savvy professional, Bethany is a leader of leaders. While her clients regularly need help in the mechanics of developing a successful organization, they also need wise companions to motivate and guide them; to instill hope and confidence in otherwise uncertain circumstances. Bethany makes it her mission to help these individuals find success and fulfillment for both their businesses and themselves.