Discover your Data Clean Up Access and Prevent It from Getting into the Wrong Hands

This workshop will discuss automated methods for discovery, clean up and prevention of loss. Attendees will be given a worksheet that assists in identifying the data that automated tools just can't find - however, if it got out - would hurt your company, your employees or your shareholders.

- Clean-up access control
- Data Discovery

Men are always welcome and encouraged to attend all WITI events!

Featured Speaker(s)

Katherine Bluma is the founder of Business Partner Solutions, a 14 year old security organization focused on solving difficult security and compliance problems by delivering world-class solutions. Katherine has demonstrated leadership roles in IT for public, private, non-profit, and government organizations. Katherine's involvement throughout the organization is reflected by her being placed on retainer as a subject matter expert, sought out for different board positions, and part of early stage development for emerging technology organizations. A most valuable asset is her ability to think outside the box and correctly evaluate the demands of the ever-changing market.

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Schedule of Events

4:30 to 5:00 - Networking
5:00 to 6:30 - Workshop Presentation