Stopping Ransomware with Autonomous Response

New strains of ransomware are leaving organizations vulnerable - too often, security teams lack the ability to respond proportionately to an attack, leading to cyber disruption across the organization.

Join us as our speaker unpacks some of today's most advanced ransomware threats. Learn how Self-Learning AI understands the organization to reveal every stage of a ransomware attack - and takes targeted, autonomous action to stop the threat in its tracks.

Featured Speaker(s)

Kendra Gonzalez Duran is a Senior Product Specialist ICS at Darktrace. Based out of Los Angeles, Kendra works with leading organizations across the Southwest and Latin America in a range of industries to deploy Darktrace's Self-Learning AI. During Kendra's tenure at Darktrace, the company has grown to over 6,800 customers and has been the recipient of numerous achievements, including 'Security Trailblazer' at the annual Microsoft Security 20/20 Awards and being named one of TIME Magazine's 'Most Influential Companies' 2021. Kendra holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from University of California, Berkeley.