Tech Trends 2020 and Future of Work

Autonomous devices such as drones and robots to chatbots and voice-based personal assistants are changing the way people interact with brands and each other in today's digital world.

What does all this mean?

Will we now have autonomous vehicles showing up when we request a ride? Will our coworkers be robots? How should companies prepare for a world of automation and digital nomads to drive innovation and boost business?

In this session, we'll discuss:

- Artificial intelligence and the digital future.
- Key technologies that will drive business decisions in 2020 and beyond.
- Skills that will be in even higher demand.
- Tips on what you can do to further advance your career in the new era.
- And more.

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Featured Speaker(s)

Chuhee Lee
Vice President, Mobility Design & Technology
Innovation and Engineering Center California (IECC)
Volkswagen Group of America

Chuhee Lee is the Vice President of Mobility Design & Technology at Volkswagen Group of America's Innovation and Engineering Center California (IECC) in Belmont, California. Mr. Lee joined the IECC at the early stage of Volkswagen Group's expansion in Silicon Valley nearly two decades ago. He worked on various research and development projects to bring innovative applications into the vehicle using distributed computing, wireless connectivity, artificial intelligence, and advanced instrumentation and visualization tools.

Mr. Lee is currently overseeing the Innovation project portfolio strategy including Connected Mobility, Autonomous Driving, and user Experience. He is also responsible for strategic partnerships and technology analysis.

Mr. Lee's background is in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Network Systems. Mr. Lee and his team are working to create connected intelligent vehicles that interact with each other, their occupants, and the physical and virtual worlds around them. The most notable projects from his team include Online Navigation, Picture Navigation, Predictive Navigation, and Online Speech Recognition among others.

Before joining the IECC, Mr. Lee gained professional experience from Stanford Medical Informatics and BMW Technology Office.

Mr. Lee holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from John Hopkins University.

Meeta Dash is a passionate, customer-obsessed product leader with a track record of strategizing, building and launching innovative products that solve real business problems.

As a Director of Products at Figure Eight she is building a machine learning data annotation platform focused on Computer Vision, Autonomous Vehicles, Conversational AI and NLP. She partners with the most innovative companies solving challenges of last mile relevance, bias, security, privacy et all to make AI work for real world. business cases.

Prior to Figure Eight, Meeta held several product leadership roles in Cisco Systems, Tokbox/Telefonica and Computer Associates with a focus on AI, Chatbots, Voice/Video and Data Analytics. She has an MBA Degree from UC Davis and engineering degree from National Institute of Technology, India

Danielle Funston, VP at Blueprint Technologies and President at Sentinel

Danielle Funston is a senior technology executive with over 15 years experience from multiple organizations overseeing strategic growth and product solutions.

She is currently the VP of Solutions Delivery at Blueprint Technologies, a strategic transformation firm, as well as the President at Sentinel, a data privacy and security company.

In addition to her executive roles, Danielle is passionate about non-profit organizations and sits on the board of several groups, including The Shift Swing, Safe Crossings Foundation, and Girls Inc.

Sejla Pinjic, Inclusive Mobility Project Specialist at Volkswagen Group of America

Sejla is closely engaged with disability communities to design accessible products and services through the Inclusive Mobility Initiative. She is passionate about Diversity and is co-leading the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative at the Belmont Campus of Volkswagen Group of America with special focus on Inclusive Hiring.

Sejla holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences and Master's in Educational Psychology.

Radhika Arora, Autonomous Driving Lead, ON Semiconductor

Radhika Arora is the Autonomous Driving Lead at ON Semiconductor - Image Sensor Group. Prior to that, she held a variety of roles in marketing and management at large semiconductor companies as well as her own start-up company. Ms. Arora holds an MS in Electrical Engineering and a BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the University of Rochester.

MODERATOR: Melanie Senn, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, VWGoA - Innovation & Engineering Center California

Melanie Senn is passionate about application of Machine and Deep Learning in various domains such as autonomous driving and battery / materials and loves to work in interdisciplinary teams. She has a master's degree in computer science and a PhD in mechanical engineering. During her PhD work, she combined Machine Learning and materials science to optimize process chains in manufacturing. Before joining the ICC as a Sr. Machine Learning engineer, she held a PostDoc position at the Fraunhofer institute combining materials science, computer vision and machine learning in micro mechanics and manufacturing processes.

In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, mountaineering and backpacking according to the motto "the crazier and further away from civilization - the better".

Schedule of Events

5:30pm - 6:30pm Registration and Networking
6:30pm - 6:45pm Introductions and WITI Updates
6:45pm - 8:00pm Panel Discussion and Q&A
8:00pm - 8:30pm More Networking
8:30pm Meeting Close