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Wendy Wallbridge

  • President / Executive Coach

  • On Your Mark

Wendy Wallbridge, a pioneer in the coaching field, has worked with individuals for over two decades to help them gain clarity of purpose, unlock their power and creativity, and make their mark in the world. In her early twenties, Wendy was diagnosed with lupus, a life-threatening blood disease. Her talent in guiding others to reinvent themselves was sparked by her fourteen-year struggle with lupus and subsequent kidney transplant. Today, Wendy coaches leaders to become their own best advocates, and to champion the expression of their values, passions and talents to make a difference wherever they work.

Wendy founded On Your Mark Corporate Coaching & Consulting in 1993. Wendy and her partner, Randy Methven provide leadership and team development to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Wells Fargo, HP, SBC, Intel, Vodafone and Providian Financial as well as technology, financial and educational institutions including Ameritrade, Network Appliance, Nvidia, Alcatel, Silicon Valley Bank and University of California, Office of the President. Wendy has been featured as the change management expert on the Intel-sponsored TV show "Home Sweet Office" and has lectured at the Haas School of Business, The Commonwealth Club and Hewlett Packard. She has been interviewed by: Fortune Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times.