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Intro: Secrets of Building Rapport to Boost Your Career!

Do you wish technical expertise was all you needed to achieve your career goals? If it was, you'd have it made!

Though critical, expertise alone is not likely to open up all the opportunities you need to move forward -- reach your career potential. Relationships are also crucial; relationships with those who can support you, refer you, and help develop your reputation.

By building rapport you can open the door to these relationships.

In this 1 hr. webinar, you will discover easy steps you can take to build rapport and put your career on a smoother, faster track forward. You will learn how to

-Start a conversation in a way that makes everyone comfortable

-Make your mark at a meeting (virtual or in-person) even if you don't have an industry-altering idea

-End a conversation in a way that makes the other person feel heard and you memorable

-Offer a conflicting opinion assertively, showing respect for the other person and yourself

The techniques are practical and easy to implement. They are representative of the topics that will be addressed my upcoming course also titled Secrets of Building Rapport to Boost Your Career!

In addition, I'll pepper sessions with tales of rapport woes and wins.

Course Format: 5, weekly, 1-hr Zoom sessions. Each session will consist of review, instruction, break-out room/s, questions for discussion, and a Q & A, as well a homework. Register for course

Course Dates:

3/25, 4/1, 4/8, 4/22, 4/28

Janet Parnes spent more than 20 years in sales and public relations, working for companies that include Analog Devices and Lipton Tea. In 2005 she picked up on a dream and attended the Protocol School of Washington®. Janet now works with college students and professionals who want to improve their skills around building rapport to make their career trajectory smoother and faster.

Janet has presented to organizations that span a broad spectrum of industries. They include WITI, CBT Architects, WEST (Women in the Enterprise of Science and Technology) Chambers of Commerce, and Bentley University's Center for International Students & Scholars.

She been featured in media outlets that include NBC, NPR, and the Boston Globe.

Also, a professional storyteller Janet uses these skills to pepper her events with trivia and tales. The reason: a key to learning is enjoying the process.