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Wednesday, March 28
Session I | Session II | Session III
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Professional Women's Summit Sessions and Speakers*
Spring 2001 | March 28 - 29 | Fairmont Hotel | Dallas, Texas

Thursday, March 29
Session I
10:15 -11:45 a.m.

Business Development Track

Drive Me Crazy: Effective Techniques for Driving Traffic to a Site
Far East Room
With dot.coms falling apart all over the place, how can you be sure to keep traffic numbers up at your site? A primer on tricky tactics, from guerilla online marketing to smart email campaigns.
    Featured Speaker: Teri Dahlbeck, President and Co-Founder, GotMarketing.com, Inc.

Back to Basics
Royal Room
"Back to Basics" is a lively, interactive seminar that full of useful tips regarding effective networking, communication and business development strategies. We begin with the overall concept of business networking and discuss how best to build and maintain business relationships - both within and outside your company. Subjects covered include: the four steps of networking, making the most of events, and tools of the trade. We'll cover not only what we know to work, but what the audience finds successful, too.

    Co-Presenter: Paige Manley, Manager, Client Relations/Strategic Planning, The Thompson Group
    Co-Presenter: Kim Padgett, VP and General Manager - Houston, The Thompson Group
Entrepreneur Track

Uncharted Territory: Launching Your Startup in the Turbulent Economy
Continental Room
In this dynamic session, panelists will predict what is coming next � and what entrepreneurs will need to do to harvest the opportunities that will become available. They will challenge your thoughts about technology, revenue models and organizational processes as they sketch their versions of the next round of business evolution.
    Kathryn Lindauer, Attorney, Jenkens & Gilchrist, P.C. (moderator)
    Randi Shade, Co-founder and President, Charitygift Services, Inc.
    Nancy Humphries, President, Entrepreneurial Support Services
    Leslie Butterfield, VP, Marketing, PowerBrief

Professional Development Track

Spirituality in the Workplace
Gold Room
When we think of our community, do we think of our co-workers as part of that community? In fact, we are with your co-workers more than any other group. Yet, most people separate their work-life from their "real" life and that approach will leave most seeking authenticity in the place where they earn a living. In this session, you will learn to demonstrate your values, beliefs, and goals, professionally and appropriately, how to speak and act like the professional you are without giving up the personal gratification of high-achievement, and how to earn your living without sacrificing your life.
    Featured Speaker: Joyce Scott, CEO, SuperbSpeakers.com

Management 101 for Techies
Oak Room
Are you a techie intent on moving your way up the corporate ladder? Have you recently been promoted to a management position after years of being a technologist? Often outstanding technologists are promoted to management positions without being provided the skills necessary to be effective leaders. We will discuss the skill sets that technical professionals need to become successful and effective leaders.

    Wanda Gass, TI Fellow, Texas Instruments (moderator)
    Eva Ramseur, Manager III, Product Assurance, Imagery and Geospatial Systems, Raytheon Systems Company
    Heather Colella, Senior Manager, Enterprise Information, KPMG Consulting LLC
    Gayle Rust, Director of Technology; Channel Sales, Sun Microsystems
    Kate Connolly, Director, Corporate Marketing Intelligence, Dell Computer Corporation
Technology Track

Meet Today's Technology Pioneers � A Roundtable
Parisian Room Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to dialogue with women on the cutting-edge of technological innovation.
    Roundtable Coordinator: Taiwan Barksdale, DSP CRM Project Manager, Texas Instruments
    Duy-Loan Le, TI Fellow, Texas Instruments
    Topic: DSP Chip Development Using Leading Edge Technology
    Nancy Grady, Ph.D., VP, Advanced Development and Chief Scientist, 212 Studios
    Topic: Trends in Data Mining to Increase Profitability
    Janne Ackerman, Senior Manager of Engineering, Raytheon
    Topic: Infra-Red Technology in Military and Commercial Applications
    Colleen Heubaum, Product Marketing Manager, DAZEL Corporation
    Topic: Introduction to the HP Document Router: Tales from a new product launch
    Linda Black, Senior Process Development Engineer, Advanced Micro Devices
    Topic: TBA

Session II
2 -3:30 p.m.

Business Development Track

Connect with Top Executives to Learn the Latest Strategies in Marketing, Branding and Public Relations
Parisian Room
Don't miss this unique opportunity to dialogue with successful marketing executives about winning marketing strategies.
    Roundtable Coordinator: Kim Padgett, Vice President and General Manager, Houston, The Thompson Group
    Jodi Venturoni, Senior Managing Director, BSMG Worldwide/Southwest
    Topic: Working with the News Media � Getting Publicity for Your Company
    Mitra Miller, Consultant and Strategist, Sphairo
    Topic: Product Marketing: Creating, Packaging, & Positioning Technology Products Your Customers Love
    Teri Dahlbeck, President and Co-Founder, GotMarketing.com, Inc.
    Topic: Market Research Tools � How to be a Marketing Know-It-All
    Pat Piech, Regional Marketing Manager, IKON Office
    Topic: TBA
    Robyn Tinsley, Co-Founder, 828 Communications
    Topic: Branding - It's About Your Company's Promise, Not It's Logo
    Stacy Davidson, T3
    Topic: TBA

Entrepreneur Track

To Be or Not to Be � a Free Agent, That Is
Continental Room
Should you or shouldn't you? Have you just been given the "heave-ho" by your current employer, or do you think that's a possibility? Thinking about becoming a free agent? Join Nancy to determine if you have the personality, skillsets, and the staying power to make it as a consultant. We'll also discuss resources to help you get started, create "to do" lists and generally play devil's advocate for your ideas.
    Featured Speaker: Nancy Humpries, President, Entrepreneurial Support Services

Professional Development Track

Building Retirement Security
Far East Room
Learn more about your financial choices by attending this workshop. This individualized, hands-on seminar will focus on the financial, physical and emotional aspects of retirement. The seminar is a workshop, which allows each participant to answer questions such as:
  • Why is saving for retirement important?
  • How much do I need to save?
  • How can I define my retirement needs?
  • At what age will I be able to retire?
Learn how to build and preserve your nest egg.
    Co-Presenter: Tricia Jones, Registered Representative, Principal Financial Group
    Co-Presenter: Denise Kimmel, Registered Representative, Principal Financial Group
Making Sense Out of Today's Compensation Packages
Gold Room
There is more to compensation than salary alone and understanding compensation packages can be daunting. Today your compensation may be made up of your salary, bonuses, stock options and other long-term incentives and benefits that don't have a monetary value. In this session, Stephen and Missie will help you demystify today's compensation options and demonstrate how to negotiate the best compensation package possible.
    Co-presenter: Stephen H. Sherman, Partner � Compensation and Benefits, Patton Boggs
    Co-presenter: Missie Pustejovsky, PHR, Raytheon

Technology Track

Leading in a Virtual Setting � What Does it Take?
Oak Room
Moving from a traditional office environment to a virtual one takes more than just getting rid of the office computer, desk and office supplies! Many of the managers of tomorrow will need new skills and attitudes to manage their business and projects without the team "in sight." We will discuss some of the project management skill sets, as well as the leadership traits, necessary to manage virtual workers effectively.
    Featured Speaker: Sharon H. Pinebrook, Ph.D., Senior Partner, Training and Development Systems, Inc.

*Subject to change

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