The Economic Posterity Series: Securing Your Financial Future

"Your work life outcome must outlive your labor, it should be predictable, controllable, and fantastic on your terms" Ngozi Bell

Learn the pathways to predictive outcomes to long term economic posterity, using what you already have.

We all know that arriving at a great retirement is usually years in the making. In the same way, your Economic Posterity is secured in the actions you take today.

Ngozi Bell will teach you to control the outcomes of your economic posterity.

What is Economic Posterity? It’s what you create for yourself and pass down to the future generations.

Spending more than two decades in the corporate world has lead Ngozi to many discoveries and lessons, not only of financial allocation, but how other resources can be used to their fullest advantage.

Ngozi has developed this course and tools for you to use for a predictable and fruitful future.

In Part 1, you will learn to identify your unique enterprise and translate the equity you have accrued in your work, life and labor.

All Attendees will be auto enrolled in at least one of the month-long Economic Posterity Principle round tables

Receive an Economic to Personal Value (EPV) input template, access to the Economic Capacitor Calculator (ECC) and the Economic Posterity Indicator (EPI) chart.

Group Registration of 10 or more.  Call the WITI office at 818-788-9484.



"Ngozi Bell has mastered the art of distilling complicated subject matter and transferring knowledge in a way that compels the listener to come back for more."

— Becky Greenwald, Regional Volunteer Services, Officer American Red Cross

"Ngozi is a true educator both “in” and “out” of the classroom. Her Steadfast commitment and unwavering dedication to improve the life of others through her words is invaluable. I am confident that in the classroom and beyond; she will continue to encourage, inspire, and empower student and/or listener."

— Teri Coaxum, MPA, MBA, Professor Medgar Evers College; Founder & CEO Coaxum Connects LLC (certified M/WBE)

“Ngozi is not only a champion communicator at amplifying unheard voices, but she offers the rare insight into how to effectively build bridges between competing philosophies and life conditions.”

— Caitlin Cain, CEcD, MUPVice President, LISC and Director of Rural America

"Ngozi is a visionary leader! I have known her for more than 25 years and during that time, I have seen her show remarkable skills in engineering, marketing, and advocacy. I was pleased to work with her during my tenure as Chief Counsel at the SBA Office of Advocacy. The Office was looking for a way to describe its innovation initiative. Ngozi came up with what we called the 3 Bs (Barriers, Best Practices, and Big Ideas). This was a phenomenal branding idea that is the foundation of how I attack problems. Thank you Ngozi."

— Winslow Sargeant, Ph.D. 6th Chief Counsel for Advocacy (former) US Small Business Administration Incoming Chair, International Council for Small Business (ICSB) Dr. Sargeant reported directly to President Obama

"Our students at East Stroudsburg University had the opportunity and privilege of hearing Ngozi Bell speak as part of our Entrepreneurial Leadership Series. Presenting a content-rich seminar, coupled with an excellent & engaging communication style, Ms. Bell ensured that our students walked away with a tremendous amount of STEM information and knowledge."

— Jamie M. Kizer, Interim Director of Entrepreneurship Division of Economic Development and Entrepreneurship East Stroudsburg University

"Ngozi Bell is resilient in ensuring that what she communicates resonates with the audience. Her information and teaching happen with easy conversation tactics. I've seen her in action and watched the audience respond with total regard for what she says and the determination to practice them. I am one of those people"

— Joanne Gere Executive Director, Westchester Biotech Project

“Ngozi's career has long been characterized by brilliance and diligence, and as a colleague, I witnessed a pivot when she added self-care and connection to that equation and became this unique combination of power and compassion for self and others. That she should add teaching to her impressive repertoire.... this is exactly what the world is crying out for.”

— Lynn Bromley, Founder and Principal of The Fintech Advocate – Four Term State Senator, Maine Legislator, Board Member First State Fintech Lab, Wilmington Delaware, Obama Administration Appointee as Small Business Advocate for the 6 New England States

“Ngozi Bell is in the top 1% of speakers whom I deem effective, engaging, and energizing. Ngozi’s presentations are ones that have a clear thought process, are well prepared, are designed to encourage the audience to think in a critical manner and have in several instances jolted me out of a place of complacency into a position of action.”

— Dr. Christine Martey-Ochola, CEO Nuelehair LLC/PA STEM Ambassador

“As a former colleague of Ngozi, I was privileged to have unlimited access to her content, wisdom, inspiration, and boundless energy for promoting the best in humanity. I would absolutely jump on any opportunity to engage with her - every interaction leaves you a better human being.”

— Jennifer Mintz Clark, Senior Advisor, Association for Women in Science; former Regional Advocate, Office of Advocacy, US Small Business Administration; Deputy COO, 2008 Obama For America presidential campaign

“As an engaging speaker, Ngozi Bell, has a special voice. Her communication combines the unique qualities of speaking with intellect, heart and varied experience.”

— Bryon Short, Executive Vice President, Delaware Contractors Association, State Representative Delaware General Assembly (Retired)

“Ngozi Bell is an amazing communicator whose skill of teaching transforms a course to a conversation that facilitates the understanding of the incredible role I have in building myself and economies. One of her "conversations" on industry for Ministry was groundbreaking for me”

— Victoria Maku, CEO and Founder NutureLinks