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The Economic Posterity Series: Securing Your Financial Future

"Your work life outcome must outlive your labor, it should be predictable, controllable, and fantastic on your terms" Ngozi Bell

Learn the pathways to predictive outcomes to long term economic posterity, using what you already have.

We all know that arriving at a great retirement is usually years in the making. In the same way, your Economic Posterity is secured in the actions you take today.

Ngozi Bell will teach you to control the outcomes of your economic posterity. 

What is Economic Posterity? It’s what you create for yourself and pass down to the future generations.

Spending more than two decades in the corporate world has lead Ngozi to many discoveries and lessons, not only of financial allocation, but how other resources can be used to their fullest advantage.

Ngozi has developed this course and tools for you to use for a predictable and fruitful future.

In Part 1, you will learn to identify your unique enterprise and translate the equity you have accrued in your work, life and labor.

All Attendees will be auto enrolled in at least one of the month-long Economic Posterity Principle round tables

Receive an Economic to Personal Value (EPV) input template, access to the Economic Capacitor Calculator (ECC) and the Economic Posterity Indicator (EPI) chart.

Group Registration of 10 or more.  Call the WITI office at 818-788-9484.