Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Duy-Loan Le

Duy-Loan Le

Senior Fellow, Texas Instruments

Inducted in 2001

Duy-Loan Le is an engineer who has made numerous, invaluable contributions to the tech industry. While Duy-Loan is retired, she stays active by serving on several advisory boards including Headspring, Ballard Power Systems, Medigram Inc., eSilicon, and National Instruments.

Duy-Loan was the first woman and first Asian-American in Texas Instruments (TI) 85-year long history to be elected as a senior fellow.

Before retiring from TI in 2017, Duy-Loan had a 35-year long career there. Throughout her time there, she worked her way to the top after starting in 1982 as a memory design engineer.

In 1990, Duy-Loan was elected as a member of technical staff for TI, and in 1993, was elected as a senior member of the technical staff. In 1999, she was elected as a TI fellow. In 1997, she was elected as a distinguished member of the technical staff.

While at TI, she led TI’s multi-billion-dollar memory product line with joint venture partners in five countries and three continents.

In addition, she earned her place as one of TI’s digital signal processor (DSP). Under her execution, the product was recognized in the 2004 Guinness World Records, and two of the DSP products under her management leadership generated over 2 billion dollars in revenue.

Duy-Loan actively participates in various charity and fundraising projects. She sponsors projects and teaches for United Way’s Vietnamese Culture and Science Association. She is the director of the Mona Foundation, and she is a founding member and board director of the Sunflower Mission; and the Science National Honor Society.

Duy-Loan has earned accolades including: one of the Top 20 Houston Women in Technology in 2000; the National Technologist of the Year at the Women of Color Conference held in Atlanta in 2002; the Asian American Engineer of the year, and the Anita Borg Institute Women of Vision Award for Leadership.

In addition, she also has the Congressional Special Recognition.

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