We are proud to announce that WITI and From Farms to Incubators have jointly launched a special agtech networking community specifically for those keen on opportunities in the agtech sector. Agriculture and technology have a long history in the United States, but until recently they have rarely intersected. Now a growing number of startups founded and led by women, with a diversity of backgrounds and ethnicities, are seeking to provide novel perspectives and solutions to agriculture's problems with tech innovation.

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A list of membership benefits at launch can be found below. We are committed to work with you to keep finding new ways to make your involvement with WITI-F21 productive and rewarding.

Benefits Include:

  • Monthly member-only virtual events that focus on agtech, agbio and foodtech, and physical ones when that becomes possible
  • Networking opportunities
  • Early access and discounts to WITI and F21 events
  • Mentorship program
  • Career and opportunity portal
  • Member-only lounge at both digital and live events and exclusive opportunities to interact with speakers and guests
  • Access to the WITI-F21 agtech blog

Who Would Benefit:

  • Those interested in career opportunities in agtech, agbio and foodtech
  • Those already working in the agtech, agbio and foodtech sectors who seek networking and connecting
  • Those seeking mentors in these sectors
  • Investors, growers, managers and leaders in agribusiness, policymakers who seek to connect with women founders in agtech, agio and foodtech

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Growers in the U.S. and globally face rising challenges including climate change, limited water and land supply, uncertainties in immigration policy, a severe labor shortage and feeding a rising population estimated at 9 billion in 2050. Female entrepreneurs are creating the innovation as solutions to these big impact problems in two industries that remain male dominated.

In addition, the agtech sector is growing rapidly especially fueled by the pandemic as more people consider how their food is grown and food access. Farm tech startup investment grew 370% since 2013, reaching $4.7 billion in 2019 across 695 deals, according to AgFunder a food and agtech venture firm. Some $19.8 billion has been invested in AgriFood tech across 1,858 deals in 2019. Indoor farming is booming with AeroFarms a prominent player in the space launching projects internationally.

A few of the high profiles agtech initiatives include the announcement from AppHarvest that they are opening their 2.76-million-square-foot high-tech greenhouse in Appalachia; Oprah Winfrey and Katy Perry invested in food science start-up Apeel.

"From Farms to Incubators" uses content and digital storytelling to increase awareness of women leaders and entrepreneurs and their contribution using technology through the agriculture sector, and encourage women to pursue careers in agtech. The initiative includes an award-winning documentary "From Farms to Incubators" that profiles some of the women entrepreneurs in agtech, which has screened at over two dozen film festivals and venues including at SXSW. The screenings are paired with panel discussions that have served as a vehicle to connect women in agtech with investors and those interested in food, farming and agtech. The initiative has been highlighted in Worth, Techonomy, EcoFarm and at the Forbes AgTech Summit. "From Farms to Incubators" seeks to build partnerships and collaborate with organizations and individuals who want to be part of an engaging discussion, and be a part of an initiative that serves as community, connector and convener for women in this space. It is a member of Women & Worth, Techonomy and Women in Technology International. For more information go to www.farmstoincubators.com

For more information please contact Amy Wu, Director of From Farms to Incubators-Powered by WITI at amy@witi.com

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