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What is Digital Transformation? Who Should Embrace It and Why?
December 5, 2023

Enjoy Art, Hors D'oeuvres, Mingling and a Chance to relax through creativity and in-person connection!
November 17, 2023

Tea With WITI - Virtual Networking
June 22, 2022

WineDown with WITI
June 9, 2022

Tea With WITI - Virtual Networking
May 25, 2022

WineDown with WITI
May 19, 2022

Tea With WITI - Virtual Networking
May 11, 2022

Tea With WITI - Virtual Networking
April 27, 2022

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Summer Kickoff 2018!

  • June 7, 2018

Join us for a Summer Kickoff Networking Event!

We're obsessed with supporting women in technology careers and showcasing their successes in the Boston area (and everywhere!), and want to do even more.

Be part of the conversation!

Informal networking, making new contacts, and great ideas and discussions.

Bring your business cards for networking with other talented people in the technology field, and some great raffle prizes.

Beverages and appetizers will be served.

Sponsored and Hosted by: Symantec

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Mentorship and Advocacy: Enablers for Equal Opportunity

  • May 17, 2018

WITI and Pluralsight present a panel discussion on using Mentorship and Advocacy as tools to enable equal opportunity in the workplace.

Studies have shown that increased workforce diversity strengthens the bottom line and improves employee satisfaction. Thus, many organizations have committed themselves to expanded efforts to fully engage previously underutilized talent. Because WITI is a women's advocacy organization, our panel will begin with a discussion on how leaders can determine the changes required in their organizations to provide opportunities without gender bias. We'll provide tips on:
  • Ways to develop strategies to reach the desired state
  • Proactive measures to encourage buy-in throughout the organization
  • The powerful role of mentorship in employees' long-term development
  • Guidance for establishing company mentorship programs
  • Best practices for both mentors and mentees
  • How managers can employ mentorship programs to ensure smart career paths for future leaders

    Next we'll discuss the use of Advocacy to enable change at the enterprise level, and how to coax active participation in equal-opportunity initiatives. We'll review ways in which both men and women can advocate for fair treatment and productive methods for speaking up in uncomfortable situations.

    Sponsored by: Pluralsight
    Hosted by: Autodesk
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    Advancement of Women in STEM Programs �" Challenges & Opportunities

    • April 26, 2018

    In corporate America, studies have shown women start to fall behind on day 1 and keep losing ground with every step. There continues to be a need for us to do more - as individuals and as organizations. We need commitments to more than just programs on gender and diversity. We need an awareness of the underlying causes and as importantly what steps can be taken to get us to the place where all women are equally represented. At WITI our mission is to empower women to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership and economic prosperity. As part of an ongoing partnership, WITI, 451 Research and Randstad Technologies have joined together to conduct a survey on how gender viewpoints differ in the workplace. The survey, conducted in June and July 2017 and completed by 1,901 respondents currently working in a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM)-related field, touched on a variety of topics to better understand what factors have helped shape employees' careers and what challenges they face in the workplace. To better understand where gender might result in different points of view, the survey was fielded to both women and men. Come join WITI and Randstad Technologies as we present a panel of insightful, influential professionals to discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist in STEM fields. Some of the topics our panelists will cover based on our findings in this year's research: job security, influence of mentors, career advancement and Inhibitors, navigating different points of view and lessons learned.
    Sponsored and Hosted by: Randstad
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    Strategic Advantages of Having Women on Boards

    • March 28, 2018

    Women today make up nearly 40 percent of new directors on Fortune 100 boards �" and this is music to our ears. Several studies have shown the positive financial impact to the bottom-line once they have women serving on corporate boards. In this session, our experts will discuss: How women make a difference in the way companies do business How we can champion to have more women elected to corporate boards and other executive positions How you can impact a business if you are on the board And ways we can recruit other women once we are in the position of power.
    Sponsored and Hosted by: SnapApp
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    Women in FinTech…We are NOT Square Pegs trying to fit into a Round Hole World

    • February 21, 2018

    Since the mobile revolution, financial technology has exploded and become a part of our daily lives - whether you realize it or not. Come hear about FinTech's growing influence on Financial Services, market opportunities and case studies. You can also join the conversation around fundraising and lessons learned from Boston's FinTech community. Men are always welcome and encouraged to attend all WITI events!
    Sponsored and Hosted by: Cinch Financial

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    Artificial Intelligence: Mythbusters

    • December 11, 2017

    Your life suddenly becomes the movie “I, Robot” and you’re racing away from white, humanoid-looking robots marching toward you, intent on destroying everyone and taking over the world. Run! Or, you have visions of Arnold Schwarzenegger chasing you or protecting you (take your pick), with one of those red eyes glowing brightly. As innovation in artificial intelligence continues its forward advancement, what is our destiny? If we believe Hollywood, it doesn’t look promising (unless all you envision is C3PO serving you breakfast in bed).

    Join WITI Boston at AI World as we present a panel of (human) AI experts who will dispel the myths and clarify the ways Artificial Intelligence will likely develop, integrate, and change our lives.

    As part of your Registration to this WITI Event, you will also receive this amazing expo pass giving you access to additional insightful content, companies and connections. More information about what that includes can be found here:

    We can't wait to see you there and remember men are always welcome and encouraged to attend all WITI events!
    Sponsored by: Northeastern University

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    Changing the Dynamic in Challenging Situations

    • November 15, 2017

    DAs women in technology, we often feel that we need to work harder and shout louder in order to be given half the recognition of our male peers. What if that weren't true? What if we could change the dynamic?

    If we carry ourselves with more confidence, we will find that we will be treated differently. if we KNOW what we bring to the table and OWN IT, believing ourselves to be equal, that's what we will find!

    Join WITI Boston and Empowerment Specialist and Impact Coach, Ciara Gogan, for an interactive session demonstrating the skills you can develop to grow your confidence and shift perceptions. You'll learn:

    • How to listen
    • Methods of gaining self-insight
    • Tips for assessing your strengths
    • Ways to communicate more powerfully with others
    • What it takes to start changing the conversation

    Thank you in advance for your generosity, compassion, and support.
    Sponsored and Hosted by: Continuum Management Services

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    Virtual Reality Panel Discussion

    • October 18, 2017

    WITI Boston's October meeting will feature a panel discussion with experts in the Virtual Reality (VR) space. VR technology is advancing and finding opportunities in different industries with promising applications. Panelists will discuss history and innovation in VR, as well as where the industry is headed.

    Sponsored and Hosted by: LevelUp

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    How “Smart” Can a City Be?

    • September 20, 2017

    It's likely you don't think too much about your city's operations and infrastructure, except maybe when you are sitting in Boston traffic... Still, cities today - like many businesses - are mobilizing to transform their systems and processes to more effectively reach their goals and prepare for the future. “Smart City” initiatives focus on using emerging technologies and disruptive service models to meet citizens' rising expectations, attract new business, improve services delivery, and develop sustainably.

    Join WITI and IDC Government Insights analyst, Ruthbea Yesner, as we explore how cities across the globe are embracing systemic strategies to transform their operations. Ruthbea will first provide an overview of smart city strategies, and then will delve more deeply into initiatives around public safety, transportation, and urban mobility. She'll highlight new programs and interesting innovation globally, including how the city of Boston is leveraging smart technologies for its own development.

    Sponsored and Hosted by: TrueMotion

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    Summer Networking Party and Wine Tasting

    • July 27, 2017

    Add to your plans for summer fun by joining WITI Boston and our host and sponsor, Cinch Financial, for a summertime mingle with other talented people in the technology field. Meet, chat, and exchange ideas with employees from Cinch Financial, too.

    After some networking time, our speaker, wine educator Kim Simone from Vinitas Wineworks (, will lead us in a wine-tasting session called "Learn What You Like and Why." We'll taste several wines with their labels covered up and Kim will provide insight into why we seem to prefer some wines over others and, consequently, what other wines we might find enjoyable. Get ready to throw your preconceived notions out the window �" we hear this can be a serious eye-opener!

    In addition to wine, other beverages and appetizers will be served.

    About our Sponsor: Cinch is an "always on" personal financial-management app that empowers you to make better financial choices. Providing comprehensive knowledge and guidance, Cinch acts as a fiduciary with only your best interests in mind to empower you to take charge of your finances. Visit

    Sponsored and Hosted by: Cinch Financial
    Cinch is an “always on” personal financial-management app that empowers you to make better financial choices. Providing comprehensive knowledge and guidance, Cinch acts as a fiduciary with only your best interests in mind to empower you to take charge of your finances. Visit
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    Train Your Brain: Fun Memory-Retention Tricks and Mastering the Rubik's Cube

    • June 21, 2017

    You may remember the Rubik’s Cube craze in the Eighties, and if not, you may have noticed it’s made a comeback. But have you solved it?

    It is said that only 1 in 10,000 people can figure it out unaided, but for the rest of us �" well, most just give up. Take heart, because Andrew Celentano will be your personal trainer in a Rubik’s Cube workout that is guaranteed to satisfy. After spending weeks reviewing different solutions, he has found one that is practically foolproof. In fact, he claims the moves are a lot like dancing or knitting.

    To participate, bring a Rubik’s cube to the meeting (costs about $10 at Walmart and Target).

    Now let’s talk numbers. Would you like to easily remember phone numbers, zip codes, conference call codes, birthdays, etc., and lock them in your memory forever? Andrew can show you how. Using a special technique, he’ll show you how he remembers this number:


    Come to this unique session and find out why you already know this number without realizing it!

    Appetizers and beverages will be served.

    Hosted by: Impact Hub
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    Panel Discussion: Think Like an Entrepreneur

    • May 24, 2017

    Join WITI Boston as we host a panel discussion about Entrepreneurship.

    If you think you’d like to become an entrepreneur (or if you already are): Discussion will focus on the traits and thinking that most benefit the entrepreneurial mindset, as well as lessons learned about what it takes to create a new venture.

    If you’re part of a larger organization: The panel will also discuss how to inject entrepreneurial skill sets into your current and new initiatives, for more agile and innovative results.

    Appetizers and beverages will be served.


    Claritza N. Abreau, MSCIS Vice President of Enterprise Technology and Risk Management State Street Corporation
    Nancy Cantor Principal, Cantor Consulting Owner of the Dream Factory Community and The Entrepreneurs Connection
    Bryanne Leeming Founder and CEO Unruly Studios

    Sponsored by: Staples and Kaminario

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    Panel Discussion: Harnessing Real-Time Data to Drive Business Growth

    • April 13, 2017

    It's no secret that we are producing huge amounts of data every day - from social media posts to GPS signals. It's estimated that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created daily - that's 2.5 followed by 18 zeros. Let's put that in perspective: If this amount of data were to be printed on paper and stacked, it would be high enough to go to the moon and back almost 330 times. It's also predicted that by 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet.

    This data deluge creates a variety of challenges for organizations large and small. It also raises a ton of questions. How do you manage the data? Where do you store it? How do you secure it? How do you harvest real-time information? And how do you harness data to drive business growth?

    Join the WITI Boston team as we host a panel of experts to discuss challenges and best practices of operating in today's digital era.

    Panelists: - Josh Epstein, VP Global Marketing, Kaminario - Christopher Stephenson, CEO, Topos Labs; Co-founder, OnWords; Director, iCorps Technologies - Jennifer Williams-Bulkeley DWS, Founder, Vinolytics - Moderator: Parna Sarkar-Basu, Head of Global Brand and Buzz Marketing, Kaminario

    Sponsored by: Staples and Kaminario

    Hosted by: TrueMotion
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    Panel Discussion: Innovation in the Medical Device Industry

    • March 16, 2017

    Thousands of medical devices companies in the U.S. are continually working on innovations to drive the industry forward. These new advancements surely mean exciting times are ahead.

    Join WITI Boston and get an inside look as we host a panel of medical device professionals to discuss their viewpoints on:

    • The industry today
    • Future trends and innovation
    • Challenges and opportunities for growth
    • Career opportunities

    Get a unique perspective on an integral segment of the healthcare industry that is instrumental in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.

    Appetizers and beverages will be provided.
    Sponsored by: ClickSoftware

    Hosted by: Autodesk
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    How to make a Positive First Impression

    • February 16, 2017

    How you present yourself to prospective employers or clients makes a powerful statement about who you are and what you offer. In the session, Doreen will reveal valuable information about what your public image communicates about you, and tips to up level your style and confidence to open more doors and opportunities.

    Key Takeaways:

    1. The four key components to creating a powerful first impression
    2. Redefining your style to reflect your personal brand
    3. How to build and afford a working wardrobe
    4. How to become comfortable and confident in any professional setting

    Sponsored by: Geneia

    Hosted by: Marlo Marketing
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    Coaching Circles: Be Your Best!

    • January 19, 2017

    Jump-start your New Year’s resolutions with renewed focus on being your Best Self! Perhaps you want to leave an old situation behind, or start on a new path to a new goal, or take a big step forward on your current path.

    In some cases you can turn to friends and mentors for help, but other times you need the clarity, motivation, and accountability provided by a great coach.

    Join WITI Boston as we host a group of outstanding coaches as they share their views on what can make the coaching experience a game-changer for you. You’ll choose two differ- ent coaches to learn from and attend their coaching circles. During the 40-minute sessions, coaches will provide insight into their fields of expertise and answer your questions. See the coaches’ bios to get started on choosing your two coaching circles!

    Meet These Coaches:

    1. Business Coach
    2. Career Coach
    3. Executive Coaching & Development u Nutrition, Health, and Wellness
    4. Time Management Skills

    Sponsored and Hosted by: TrueMotion

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