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WITI Coaching Circles: Be Your Best Self

· Are you interested in advancing your career?
· Have you set clear professional development goals?
· Do you have the confidence to take your career to the next level?

If you're eager to reach your full potential, coaching can help! Join WITI Boston as we host a highly experienced group of coaches who can help you gain the clarity and motivation you need to be your best self.

Each coach will lead two 45-minute sessions on a specific topic. You’ll choose two different sessions to attend on the topics that are most relevant to you and your goals. Stay tuned for more details on the coaches and session topics.

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Featured Speaker(s)

Membership Chair

Kim recruits, supports, and helps members become part of WITI's global community of tech-based professionals.

As an executive coach with a proven track record of success in the high-tech industry, Kim empowers individuals and organizations to reach their full leadership potential. While she serves leaders at all levels and across a broad range of functional roles and industries, she has a special interest in partnering with women and minorities in the high-tech industry to help them become more confident, visible and influential leaders.

Throughout her career, Kim has observed that women and minorities are particularly vulnerable to confidence issues and self-doubt, which can keep them from seeking high-profile projects, forging relationships with senior level influencers, strategically promoting their efforts, etc., all of which serve to hold them back and further erode their confidence. Kim helps these individuals to recognize and embrace their strengths, as well as develop the confidence and strategies needed to advance their careers.

Prior to coaching, Kim managed strategic partnerships at EMC Corporation and Monster Worldwide. Kim has a BA in psychology and an MBA from Boston College. She is an ICF-certified and CCE Board Certified Coach with certifications in Executive and Leadership Development Coaching. Kim also holds a certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University.

Engagement Chair

Teri helps local members meet their personal growth and professional development goals, leveraging WITI platforms and programs.

Dr. Teri Baydar is a Leadership Development Coach with a Doctorate in Divine Metaphysics and Coach Training Institute trained professional. She has over 14 years' experience in behavior research and behavior modification, including 7 years with a research institute / Think Tank specializing in the study of the workings of the unconscious mind. Dr. Teri is dedicated to helping executives (especially women and tech innovators) and high potential-high performance individuals find, understand and develop their character and values in alignment with their life's purpose. Empowering them to create the life and fulfillment they seek both professionally and personally. She is passionate about people, personal and social transformation, and human evolution, which brought her to WITI.

Where better to keep your finger on the pulse of the future than with the two most transformational forces of our day combined: Women and Tech?

Through studies of the science of mind and her hands on transformational coaching experiences, she developed the Constructive Thought methodology, and established her own private coaching practice, White Lily Individual Development, LLC. She also offers workshops, is a mentor, and teaches leadership and self development with organizations such as Center for Women and Enterprise, Canapy City Incubator, Masschallenge, Impact Hub, and Boston Business Women.