Healthcare & Technology: What Innovative Devices and Software are Disrupting the Medical Field?

Please join us in an evening of learning and discussion around the rapidly-evolving Healthcare IT industry. We all visit the doctor and are invested in our health but how are medical professionals, engineers and technology organizations creating life-saving devices and transparency into an otherwise complex industry?

We will hear from professionals from Baylor Jack and Jane Hamilton Heart & Vascular Hospital as well as Marc Gelinas, the Dallas Healthcare Practice Lead at Slalom Consulting, and Shradha Aiyer, who leads the Mobile Strategy for Axxess. This will be an opportunity for all of us to gain insight into what problems are they working to solve in the medical field and how can it impact our daily lives currently and for the distant future.

Featured Speaker(s)

Marc Gelinas

Shradha Aiyer

Schedule of Events

6:30-7:00pm Networking
7:00-8:15pm Speaker Presentations
8:15-8:30ish Questions & Networking