Leadership Team

Dhanushuya Thangavel

Network Director - WITI @ UT Dallas

Dhanushuya Thangavel, is a graduate student doing her masters in Information Technology and Management at The University of Texas at Dallas. Through a well-structured curriculum and a strong grasp over sciences, she got her Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, India. She is a diversified person and an ambitious team player who has worked in Tata Consultancy Services as Systems Engineer for 3 years. Her educational background and work experience, encouraged her to pursue graduate studies and grow up in the professional ladder.

Having the mantra, "Learning is a continuous process", Dhanushuya hopes to find herself in a premier and ubiquitous company as a Data Engineer or Data Analyst which best suits her personal and professional goals. Her areas of interests are Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics and Project Management. As a proactive, self-motivated and optimistic person, her long term goal is to work on an international projects, as a Data Science Project Manager or Administrator that would give a stance to exhibit her caliber. She foresees herself serving giving back to the community as a corporate leader.

She loves to network and connect with many leaders, enthusiasts and achievers. Her hobbies include dancing, photography and doing handicrafts. She likes to travel and explore new places in her idle time.


UT Dallas Leadership Team Member

Priya Bhasin is a graduate student pursuing a Master's in Information Technology and Management at the University of Texas at Dallas. Through a well-tailored course and a plethora of subjects, she completed her undergrad at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, India. She is a multifarious and proactive individual whose desire to gain exposure to the software industry prompted her to shine the campus placement drives. Inspired by her endeavors, she joined Samsung R&D Institute as a 'Software Quality Assurance Engineer' in June 2018 and was subsequently awarded the 'Young Achiever of 2018' award for her meticulous work nature while competing with 40 other newly joined associates.

She believes in "Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane." Her advice to the new incoming leaders/ fellow mates will be to prioritize and balance things. She believes that a person should be persistent with efforts to explore new opportunities. The most important role is played by two "P" in life, the first being Persistence followed by Patience. There are times when despite immense efforts you fail to excel or grab an opportunity, don't feel sad or give up. Try again and be patient, you will raise to what you desire. Do all that you desire with a whole heart.

Based on her experience and knowledge, she is more inclined towards the roles of Project Management, Quality Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Analyst, and AWS Cloud Security Analyst. In the future, she aspires to become a person who inspires other women by setting an example and guiding others to achieve what they desire.

Bijayeeta Banerjee

WITI Dallas Leadership Team

Heraclitus states, Change is the only constant in life.. This is what drove Bijayeeta Banerjee to pursue technology as her career. After having worked in IBM India for 4 years as an application developer in SAP , Bijayeeta decided to expand her knowledge in the business prospects of IT. So,she moved to the US to pursue her masters in IT management in the University of Texas at Dallas. Bijayeeta has experience in different SAP ERP modules and is also inclined towards roles such Business Intelligence/Business Analyst. After graduating, she hopes to work in an uplifting and motivating environment which believes in equal opportunities.

Having a diploma in Indian classical dance at 8 years old, she learnt the importance of teamwork and discipline from a young age which she incorporates in her life daily. She believes in leading by example and taking initiative to complete tasks. Bijayeeta also loves to travel and has traveled through the Greater Himalayas in a motorbike. In the future she hopes to be a good leader who inspires women to break the glass ceiling!