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Elly Mathenge
Network Co-Director

Elly Mathenge is a seasoned IT project, operation, change executive, leader and strategist. A technology enthusiast. An expert in business communication Having studied, worked and lived in the US for nearly two decades. Her diverse career has exposed her to various roles in various industries - as developer, business analyst, trainer, manager and strategist.

Previously she has been the General Manager in charge of the Global Customer Experience at Techno Brain Group where she led the after sales support and customer success team in providing and ensuring an excellent customer experience to customers in 20 plus geographies across the UK, USA, Asia and Africa.

She is passionate about technology and empowering young girls and women in the technology space. Elly was a key contributor to the success of the Pink Potential - IT Women Rock! Annual conference, the first IT Woman of the Year Award in sub-Saharan Africa which celebrates women achieving great impact through their work in the IT Sector. In addition to launching the first Pink Power Potential Series undertaken by young women that builds on UN Women's Empowerment Principles. She recently participated as judge in the Technovation Challenge in Kenya hosted by Safaricom where high school girls compete world-wide in creating mobile apps that have a social impact.

In addition to the above Elly's presentation and audience charming skills makes her a great MC. She has an obsession to take every special event from good to great by adding something unique and wonderful. Her style exudes personality and professionalism. Elly is not only witty but has the ability to engage audiences with an open, easy presence and use of humor, while also capturing serious moods while keeping the audience engaged.

Sarah Richson
Network Co-Director

Sarah Richson is the CEO of Richemele International Consultants; Co-founding Director at Yusudi (Youth) Africa; and Director at Studio Pretty Faces. She has been blessed with a rich multi-dimensional portfolio career and business exposure. Sarah's whole life is underpinned by four personal values; Speed, Creativity, Clarity and Caring.

Sarah is a Certified Executive coach, International Speaker/Trainer, Growth Strategist and Thought Leader in human development. She has held highly complex roles which include being a Global HR Director at Techno Brain Group, a fast-growth IT firm overseeing 20+ geographies across UK, USA, Asia and Africa. Having studied, worked and lived in the UK for nearly two decades, Sarah has had depth, exposure and experience working internationally as a continent improver, consultant and strategic advisor. She has a strong background in International Business with a passion for technology.

Sarah is recognized as a Prolific Speaker and writer as well as an ardent promoter of Women Empowerment which inspired her to begin a program for women working in technology dubbed "Pink Potential" which culminated in the launch of "IT Women Rock Conference" aimed at demystifying the industry for women while celebrating and advancing real success stories for women in IT. Sarah currently mentors several professionals globally in a variety of life phases - cutting across youth all the way to top leadership positions, meaning her clientele embody one thing in common: a passion for personal growth and community development. Sarah's fast-paced career growth is based on her ability to sprint up hills on heels!

Some of her notable recent work with professionals includes speaking and training in forums such as OWIT panel at World Trade Organisation in Geneva, Digital Woman, General Motors Women Forum, AWAK (Association of Women Accountants in Kenya) IHRM (Institute of Human Resource Management), KCB Women Biashara, Nairobi University Women in Entrepreneurship, Strathmore University Women in Leadership program and Communications Authority Women Forum.

Sarah is intrigued with fashion, edu-travel and chocolate. She is happily married to Claude and is a proud mother of five beautiful children!