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Artificial Intelligence is one of today’s biggest disruptors. The challenge is that AI projects are often black box to transparent, from reactive to sentient (Google engineer). US government says:

“AI technologies extend algorithmic methods and automation into new domains and roles, including advising people and taking actions in high-stakes decisions.”

AI is increasingly involved with more of our daily decision making and we’re unaware of its risks and biases. This presentation is NOT technical. In the presentation, Greg will discuss AI decision making risks and how to manage them. Greg will share first hand stories of AI risk based, decision making; White House AI Bill of Rights; NIST AI RMF project; risks/controls proposed for AI, and other personal stories.

Greg Hutchins PE CERM will discuss the following leading to bleeding edge ideas that will impact you in 2023 and beyond:

1. What is the size of the AI market?
2. How will AI impact you?
3. What are critical things to think about AI?
4. What is the AI Bill of Rights?
5. What are the AI decision making rights?
6. What are examples of AI risk based, decision making?
7. How will AI decision making risks be managed and assured?

Greg Hutchins PE CERM is the developer of Certified Enterprise Risk Manager® certificate. He is the author of more than 30 books.

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Greg Hutchins along with Oregon State University is developing the AI Risk Management Framework App™.