Total Talent Solutions

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Who We Are

For over 30 years, WITI has been relentlessly committed to empowering innovators, inspiring future generations, and supporting our partners to build inclusive, equitable cultures focused on what matters most: people. WITI’s robust ecosystem includes more than 3 million practitioners and leaders across industries, 60 distinct networks, and 300 partners around the globe. At the intersection of innovation and inclusivity, we strive to spark creativity and amplify connection, to foster conditions where leaders can create meaningful transformation, and to link talent to opportunity around the world. WITI is recognized as the leading organization for the empowerment, advancement, and inclusion of diverse talent in technology organizations that breathe life into the values of equity and inclusivity in the workplace.

What We Do

WITI brings a new way of collaborating with our global partners in a shared focus on creating connections between top talent and compelling professional opportunities through our Total Talent Solutions talent acquisition and management system. We believe that the greatest competitive advantage comes from the alignment of the right people to core values and a clear purpose. WITI is equipped with a robust Talent Lead Generation framework and post-to-place recruiting and staffing services to support hiring managers at every level to find the right people to join their teams in positions at all levels across their organizations. From individual contributor to emerging leader to Chief Executive Officer - the WITI Total Talent Solutions team will match our partners to talent from around the world based on an intentionally curated process with an emphasis on equity and access for richly diverse talent. Purposeful connection is the fulcrum of our lead generation approach. We invite industry innovators across an array of specialty contexts through our WITI Industry Networks & Skills (WINS) to lead conversations with leaders and experts around the world to create connections that amplify connections and spark new opportunities for WITI members who are poised to take the next step on their professional journey.

How We Partner

Whether it is 1 role or 1,000, the WITI Total Talent Solutions team is prepared to source, screen, and match top talent with our clients to ensure that their teams are staffed to realize their mission and breathe life into their vision. Only when our clients succeed in finding, growing, and keeping talented innovators and leaders in the field of technology and beyond, WITI succeeds.

WITI Total Talent Solutions Services:

Full-Service Recruiting: The WITI Total Talent Solutions team is your full-time, full-service, on-demand recruiting team for your open positions from individual contributors in the technology space to your Chief-level leader across industries. Our support is tailored to meet your unique organizational needs. We are prepared to manage every detail from the initial posting to stakeholder feedback on the essential competencies for the role to the job description to the marketing of the role to the ultimate connection with the strongest candidate based on an equity-focused attraction and interview trajectory. We provide comprehensive sourcing, screening, anti-bias training for interviewers, interviewing, negotiating, and hiring support. Wherever you are, we are with you at every step of the process.

Interview Experience Design and Anti-Bias Training: Our full-service search support includes training in equity-based interview design and anti-bias training for anyone on your team who engages with candidates. Our focus is supporting your team to implement the most effective, efficient, equitable, and inclusive process possible so you can represent your organization in the most authentic and positive light to candidates interested in joining your team.

Executive Search Support: WITI affords our partners unparalleled access to the most robust network of industry leaders in the world. We are convinced that contemporary hiring processes must go beyond the resume and discover the story of the individual expressing an interest in taking the next step on their respective leadership journey. At WITI, we are inspired by a professional world in which every individual seeks and finds fulfillment in the work they do in the particular contexts in which they thrive. When you are ready to find your next executive level leader, we have the deep bench of talent you need to discover the purposeful match that will ignite your team to achieve the goals you’ve determined for your organization.

Talent Lead Generation: At WITI, we are committed to supporting our partners in finding talent that is highly aligned to the values of your organization. We create collaborative engagements for WITI members and leaders to connect with partners through our WINS networks and other offerings that create space for dynamic conversations, relevant professional development, and key connections between WITI members who are ready to advance their careers and industry partners who are prepared to invite high performers onto their teams.

At WITI, we help our partners hire on purpose, with purpose! Contact us for details on how to get started. Ready to get to work? Let’s connect here and the WITI Total Talent Solutions team will be in touch with you promptly.