Authentic Connection: working with Allies, Mentors & Sponsors

Enhance Your Leadership Gifts by December 2020. This series was designed from the feedback shared by our community. A safe space to learn, develop, connect, and practice enhancing our inherent leadership gifts. We intentionally chose to meet on Sunday to create the space for personal investment without looming work tasks to interfere. By making this investment in yourself, you are well on your way to a successful year of leadership growth! By the end of the time, we hope that you take 1-2 learning habits to practice while building new relationships and allies.

This month our topic is Authentic Connection. Sarah Campbell - guest facilitator, will lead the group through learning and experiential exercises to bring out the authentic self and use that awareness to connect with and learn from an ally, mentor or sponsor.

Bernadette Dunn is our lead facilitator for this series. She resides on the WITI Columbus Network Board since 2019 and has spent the last two decades as a Software Solution Executive and now a Cybersecurity Trainer for FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk). She has also been certified as a Professional Development Life Coach (Deep Coaching Institute) and Meditation Teacher (YOHI). She specializes in working with the Enneagram and has been coaching professionally since 2015.

Guest Facilitators - Each month we will have additional guest facilitators who are passionate about WITI and supporting leadership development for our community. We believe that everyone already possesses leadership qualities and want to showcase a platform of diversity in thought and perspective through guest facilitation. If you are interested in co-facilitating a topic, reach out to Bernadette directly.