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Why You Shouldn't Invest Everything into One Career
By Anna Johansson

It's tempting to invest everything you have into one career. If you want to be an entrepreneur and start a business, it makes sense that you'd pour all your time and money into that business...   Read More

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Women Founders Support Diversity, But Investment Stagnates
By Izenda Content Strategist

A tech start-up with a woman founder hires twice as many female employees as the industry average, according to an article by the Los Angeles Times.   Read More

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Super Bowl to Sofa Surfing: Are Pro Athletes Going Broke?
By Fatimah Gilliam Founder, and CEO The Azara Group

On September 15, 2011, headlines erupted with news that Super Bowl winner and retired Baltimore Ravens cornerback Chris McAlister was completely broke.   Read More

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Recap WITI Boston - October 8, 2014
By Emily Ubik

Last Wednesday evening women gathered around a conference table at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in downtown Boston for a workshop on financial management and investment.   Read More