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Recap WITI Orange County - February 20, 2014
By Kathy Lomax

What a wonderful way to delve into the ideas around starting your own company! WITI Orange County hosted an event with the partnership of K5 Launch and an excellent panel of women entrepreneurs.   Read More

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Ten Steps to Becoming an Impact Player
By JJ DiGeronimo

Many of us want to excel during our annual performance review or be nominated for that new position or promotion. However, delivering or even better yet over-delivering, on your projects is not always a guarantee for that acknowledgement or promotion.   Read More

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Four Styles of Decision-Making: Which One Do You Use?
By Shelley Row, P.E., MBA

Are you in a management or leadership position? Or, perhaps you moved from a specific technical position into a management or a leadership position. If so, you know that the higher you move in an organization, the more you experience increasingly complex decisions.   Read More

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Stanford Executive Program
By WITI News Staff

SEP is a six-week executive program taught by over 30 faculty members of Stanford's Graduate School of Business. The program attracts seasoned executives from around the world for a transformational experience.   Read More

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Recap WITI Boston - January 9, 2014

"Your slides are not your presentation - YOU are the presentation", Tom Kennedy told the WITI Boston audience of 40 women. Slides are just a tool in your presentation.   Read More

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Get Noticed With Strategic Alliances And Partnerships
By Suzanne Baran

According to Harvard Business Review, senior executives require a key skill. They create a "big vision" that extends beyond their organization and takes the business to the next level.   Read More